Sunday, 21 April 2013

Chief Miniter Sheila Dikshit should resign herself before the resignation of Police Commissioner – Goel

     When BJP will come to power, even the daughter of Sheila Dikshit will feel safe- Vijay Goel

 New Delhi, 21st April, 2013.   Raising question on the incidents of rape almost every day in the capital BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has said that why the Chief Minister of Delhi is helpless in this matter? Reacting to the comments of Sheila Dikshit in which she had said that even her daughter is not safe in Delhi, Shri Goel said that when BJP will come to power, along with the people of Delhi, the daughter of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit will feel safe. Shri Goel further said that the Congress Governments at centre and Delhi have completely failed. The criminals are not afraid of the Government or the police. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit should resign herself before the resignation of Police Commissioner.

Under the leadership of BJP Mahila Morcha President Shikha Rai, a massive demonstration was staged at the residence of Congress President Sonia Gandhi by the workers of Mahila Morcha to protest against the failure of law and order in Delhi and the increasing number of incidents of rape in Delhi because the Congress is the ruling party at Centre and Delhi. Women workers were so much agitated that they broke down all the barricades put up by the police and reached at the residence of Sonia Gandhi. The police lathi charged them in a barbarous manner in which many women workers were seriously injured. Goel has strongly condemned it. Shri Goel went to RML Hospital to see the condition of injured women Shikha Rai, Sandhya Verma, Alka Chaudhary, Surekha, Rajkumari.
Reacting to the incident of rape against a minor girl of 14 years by two young men in Shradhanand Colony of Bhalaswa Jahangirpuri, Shri Goel demanded that the persons responsible for the rape of minor girls should be hanged.

Shri Goel has demanded the Police to take following steps to control crime in Delhi immediately.

  1. Every case should be registered and after the registration of case the Police Stations should ensure that the accused persons are punished and policemen should also be awarded.
  2. The duties of traffic, investigation and law & order should be separated.
  3. Every police station should have women police officers and the investigation into the case of atrocities against women should be done by the women police officer.
  4. Elected representatives and members of the RWA should be included in the Area Committee and not only the SHO and the members of ruling party.

Addressing Jan Aakrosh Rally organized in Dwarka, Shri Goel said that during the last 14 years of Congress rule Sheila Dikshit’s Government of Delhi has only betrayed the poor people of Delhi. Under the 20-point programme the poor people who were allotted agricultural land and some of them given residential plots besides the allottees of 12.5 yards and 25 yards plots in  rehabilitation colonies have not been given ownership rights. These allottees should be given free hold rights immediately. Goel further said that when BJP will come to power it will regularize the unauthorized colonies and provide the facility of registry and loan besides other amenities.
Shri Goel also assured that the Lal Dora area of the villages will be extended, problems of water, sewer, roads will resolved and the villagers shall be provided best amenities. The farmers shall also be allowed to construct houses, schools, dispensary etc. on their land.  He reiterated that after coming to power, BJP will decrease the power tariff in Delhi by 30 percent.
  Addressing the people in the Jan Aakrosh Rally BJP National President Shri Rajnath Singh expressed his concern over the degradation of political standard in the country. He assured the people on this occasion that the flats promised by the Shiela Dixit Government 5 years ago shall be alloted within one month of BJP coming to power in Delhi. He also warned the Congress against fraudulently dragging the name of Former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee's name into corruption case in JPC and said that BJP will give a fitting reply to it and oppose this move of Government in the public. 

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