Friday, 5 April 2013

we represent lakhs of poor who have been betrayed by Sheila Dikshit : Vijay Goel.

New Delhi; 5 April: Thousands of protestors led by Delhi BJP President vijay Goel Gheraod the residence of Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit against the fraud whereby the Delhi government had collected 100 Rupee each from slum dwellers for getting the houses allotted to them under the Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojana. Just before the last assembly elections Sheila Dikshit had lured voters by promising them houses. The protest march began from BJP central office at Ashoka road and culminated at the Motilal Nehru raod residence of Delhi CM. Though the demonstration was peaceful and Vijay Goel wanted to present a memorandum to the CM but despite that Goel along with hundreds of supporters were bundled into waiting buses and transported to the Tughlaq Road Police Station after being arrested. The ensuing fiasco resulted in injuring Vijay Goel and Ramesh Bidhuri. 
Goel said that he is representing lakhs of people who have been betrayed by Sheila Dikshit and their dream of a cheap house has been shattered by her. Goel said that he has raised this issue many a times even previously too but every time the voice of poor remained, unanswered. Every time the issue was raised, false promises were made but to no avail. More than four lakh houses were to be build under this Yojana but only about 500 were made so far and out of that too only 85 odd have been allotted. 

The recent CAG report too which Sheila Dikshit had cleverly tabled on the last day of the assembly session to avoid heat, had clearly indicted Sheila Government on this issue apart from numerous other ones for gross corruption and malpractices rampant in her government. The report said that Delhi Government’s target to construct a whopping 4-lakh low-cost housing units under this Programme but reveals how ill prepared and ill-suited government agencies are to address the city’s housing woes. Flawed tendering processes, delays in identifying land and starting construction, and cost overruns due to completion lags are just some of the defects that the auditor has red-flagged. 

Goel said that CAG has declared Sheila government to be lacking behind in all aspects of governing and administration leading to rampant corruption in all sectors of government resulting in swindling of thousands of crores of public money. He said that he was the first one to raise the voice on corruption in CWG and despite the Shunglu committee report which was appointed by none other than the Prime Minister of India Sheila Government didn’t budged and on the contrary raised pitch on mechanisms of Shunglu committee. Like wisely even now after being indicted by the CAG who is appointed directly by the President of India and is the Supreme audit agency of India Sheila Government is saying that these are observations of CAG but will be put to test by the PAC. Such statement from an elected head of a state government translates into nothing else but arrogance on part of Sheila Dikshit. 

Other leaders present in the Gherao included MLAs of Delhi assembly Ramesh Bidhuri, Subhash Sachdeva, Jai Bhagwan Aggarwal, Mohan Singh Bisht, other senior leaders of the state R.P.Singh, Ashish Sood, Shikha Rai, Pawan Sharma and thousands of protestors echoed the concern that Sheila Dikshit has lost the faith and mandate of people and has no right to remain clung to the power despite her anti people policies and antics.

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