Tuesday, 2 April 2013


  • Tenure of the Leader of the House, Mayor etc. should be extended.  
  • All party meeting be convened for this purpose – Vijay Goel

New Delhi, 2nd April.   On the occasion of filing of the nomination papers by Shri B.B. Tyagi for the post of the Leader of the House, Shri Ram Narayan Dubey for the post of Mayor, Shri Mahendra Ahuja for the post of Deputy Mayor, Shri Sanjay Surjan for the Post of Chairman Standing Committee and Shri Sanjay Kaushik for Deputy Chairman Standing Committee for the East Delhi Municipal Corporation before the concerned authorities, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel said that the rotation system according to which the post of Mayor is reserved for one year for woman followed by general and SC candidates their after by rotation is not fair. There is always pressure to change the Mayor. Besides this the term of one year for the post of Mayor and others is insufficient. All the parties should consider this problem and change this system.

Shri Goel said that there should be a positive co-ordination between Delhi Government and the Municipal Corporations. The people of Delhi shall benefit by it. It is regrettable that the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit does not miss any opportunity to condemn the Municipal Corporation of her own state, in spite of the fact that most of the top executive is appointed by Delhi Government. It is not in the interest of the people.

Shri Goel further said that there is lack of vision in the Government with regard to the functioning of Municipal Corporations. Giving an example he said that in London there is one Councillor for every 1000 citizens whereas in Delhi one Councillor represents about 50 thousand citizens this needs deliberations. Shri Goel has asked how Delhi will become a world class city in such conditions?

On this occasion, Shri Goel said that the outgoing officers have done commendable work especially for solid waste management, street lighting, construction and maintenance of roads and providing corruption free governance. All the sections of society have been given proper representation in the new teams of both the Corporations. 

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