Monday, 22 April 2013

If the Chief Minister really wants she can get the Police Commissioner remove-Goel.

  •  Is the bureaucracy alone responsible while their political masters go scot free?

New Delhi, 22nd April, 2013.   As the mark of protest against the brutal rape of 5 year old Gudia, Delhi BJP led by President Vijay Goel along with 3000 workers marched towards the Parliament. The protesters had black ribbon tied around their mouths and wore black caps as a token of protest against the Delhi Government’s failure to provide security to women. Addressing the protestors Vijay Goel said that the Delhi Police Commissioner is appointed by the Home Minister in consultation with the Chief Minister of Delhi. Hence her and her son Sandeep Diskhit’s constant stand that she wants the Police Commissioner to be removed is mere posturing and it has less substance in it. Goel said, if both Sheila Dikshit and the Home Minister want the Delhi Police Commissioner to be sacked, then who is preventing his removal?

Goel further said that it is Congress’s old habit of accusing other persons for their own mistakes. For the 2G corruption, the Congress has made a scapegoat out of       A. Raja, Kalmadi has been hanged for CWG mess and now the Congress is trying its best to project that for the deteriorating security of women in Delhi, the buck stops at the Police Headquarters. Goel questioned is this right kind of democracy, where the bureaucracy alone is held responsible while their political masters go scot free? Can the highest elected political representative like the Chief Minister simply walk away by holding others responsible for her misdeeds?
Goel said that Delhi is reeling under Jungle Raj and this needs immediate intervention to provide much required relief to the people of Delhi.
Goel along with protestors were halted at the gate of the Parliament. They were assaulted and arrested. The Dharna was also attended by MLA's Jagdish Mukhi, Ramesh Bidhuri, Councillor Subhash Arya and BJP Vice President Pawan Sharma.

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