Sunday, 7 April 2013

Rural Delhi Gives Two Thumbs-up to BJP

·        BJP Finds Road to Delhi through Rural Delhi
·        Massive Rural Support for BJP in Narela Farmers Rally

 New Delhi, April 7: Massive crowds greeted Delhi BJP president Vijay Goel and leader of opposition Sushma Swaraj at Kisaan Mazdoor Akrosh Rally in Narela, today. The farmers presented the a bouquet of 1st cut wheat from their fields to Vijay Goel and Sushma swaraj.

Addressing the crowd Mrs. Sushma Swaraj promised  to Delhi that BJP will fix the Delhi land acquisition rates at 4 times the market value. She also said that the congress government has become a profiteering govt. rather than a welfare govt. She promised that BJP will bring the metro to Narela.

Vijay Goel described the pain of rural Delhi under 14 years of congress misrule. He reported that Shiela Dixit even after 14 years of ruling Delhi does not know the location of Narela, Kanjhawla and Najafgarh and has ignored Rural Delhi completely.

Mr. Goel further elaborated that now the elections are near and Mrs. Shiela Dixit is building roads that will only last in 2 months. He also promised that BJP will not regularize the illegal colonies but will also make sure that land registration and loan facilities are provided in these areas.

Mr. Goel's Rural bonanza included the long standing demands of the area like extension of Lal Dora, Drinking water, Road network and extensive sewage network.

The crowds applauded Mr. Goel when he announced that fresh chakbandi will be ordered and land acquisition rated will be quadrupled and the land ceiling act 81, 65, and 33 will be abolished.

Addressing the crowds Delhi Secretory Mr. Pavesh Verma thanked Vijay Goel for making Master Azad the Mayor of NDMC and appealed to the crowds for the formation of BJP Government in Delhi under the leadership of Vijay Goel.

It seems that BJP under the leadership of Vijay Goel has hit on the Formula of clinching Delhi through the Villages of Delhi.

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