Saturday, 20 April 2013

“Dildar Dilli” or “Balatkar Dilli"

·        Ownership rights a must for alotees of plots given under 20-point Programme.
·        Massive rally at Dwarka on power issue on 21 April.

New Delhi; 20 April:  Delhi BJP is organizing a massive rally at Dwarka on 19 April on promise of reducing 30 percent power tariff on voted to power in Delhi.  The issue of rape and atrocities against women will be raised strongly.

President of Delhi BJP Vijay Goel today declared that this rally would be addressed by the National BJP President Shri Rajnath Singh and leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha Shri Arun Jaitley.

This rally is primarily to highlight the betrayal tendency of congress government for decades starting from the allotees of the 20-point Programme who have not yet given the ownership rights to their plots and houses even after decades of allotment.

Landless people were given one-acre land each for agriculture and plots on a lease of 15 years but they have still not been given the ownership rights of this land. In year, 1974 and 1985 poor took over these barren lands and converted them into tillable and fertile agriculture land but all their toil is going down the drain since in no land records declaring their ownership is there.

There are 40-50 thousand people in Delhi who were given residential plots on a lease of 15 years under the 20-point program. Extension of these leases has still not taken place and the biggest worry to these people is that these leases might be terminated any moment by the government and they will be homeless once again.

In the Delhi government gazette of 2011 it has been clearly mentioned that due to the lack of facilities there has been a 55 percent reduction in agricultural output.

In case of rehabilitation colonies people were removed from slums and were given 12.5 yards and 25 yards plots but they too are still without ownership rights to these plots.

In case of unauthorized colonies, they are misled and betrayed time and again by promise of complete regularization but they too are in dark regarding the truthful status of their properties. Promises are made but nothing in writing confirming the developmental status of these colonies has reached the inhabitants.

Goel said that primary demand of  removal of section 81, 65A and 33 under the 1954 act should be abolished and that villagers should be allowed to construct godowns, schools etc on these lands. Even the demarcation and consolidation of village land records has  taken place.

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