Tuesday, 10 April 2012

BJP-Akali alliance will repeat the history of victory in Punjab in the MCD elections

BJP has made a forecast that the results coming out of EVMs showing the victory of BJP-Akali Dal alliance on the date of counting i.e. 17th April will shake many big Congress leaders. This alliance had succeeded in Punjab Assembly elections due to the unity of both these parties. Similarly the unity of these parties will prove Waterloo for the Congress in the MCD elections. 

In a joint press conference, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, Chairman of the Election Management Committee Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, National Vice President of Alaki Dal (B) Shri Onkar Singh Thapar and President of the Delhi Akali Dal (Badal) Shri Manjeet Singh, GK told that the support of people of Delhi is with the BJP-Akali Dal alliance. The way in which Congress betrayed the people of Delhi and the country in ensuring punishment to the guilty persons of 1984 riots, the people of Delhi are very much angry. The family members of the people killed in the riots have not been given justice. They shall certainly take revenge for the atrocities on them. BJP-Akali alliance will get two third majority and provide good governance to the people of Delhi. 

All the three leaders told that Congress is fully responsible for price spiral, corruption, deteriorating law & order & misgovernance. Two crore people of Delhi are suffering due to the anti people decisions of the Congress. They want to dislodge the Congress Government and bring BJP’s good governance. The MCD elections shall prove to be plebiscite against the Congress. There is wave of BJP in entire Delhi. The people of Delhi think that it is their duty to defeat the Congress Party. In view of its certain defeat the Congress Government is using money-muscle power, misuse of power & Government machinery whereas the BJP candidates are following the directions of the Commission and Model Code of Conduct. The brave people of Delhi shall certainly teach Congress a lesson. All the candidates shall win by large margins under BJP-Akali alliance. 

The BJP and Akali leaders told that during the last 13 years, the Delhi Government has made the capital an ugly state. Here more than 50 lakh people are living in hellish conditions in the unauthorised colonies and about 30 lakh people are living in slums. The common man is badly suffering due to price spiral, corruption and Congress misrule. He wants to get rid of the Congress.

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