Saturday, 21 April 2012

Milk and Vegetables consumers/producers are incurring loss, Government fails


BJP has supported the demand of all the milk producers of National Capital Region in which demand has been made that in which it has been said that the Government and private dairies are purchasing raw milk at the rate of Rs. 18 per litre from the milkmen and hugely benefiting by selling them at 40 per litre whereas the milk producers are not getting even the cost of milk. The same is the condition of vegetables producers. They get small price for their products in the Mandies but the middlemen are hugely benefiting. BJP demands that a judicial commission should be constituted to find out the reasons for rising prices and the insensitivity of the Government on this issue and other reasons for price spiral. This commission should also suggest measures for curbing price spiral. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has pointed out to the Delhi and Central Governments that the milk producers (milkmen) of NCR are not getting even the minimum price of their products and the consumers are compelled to purchase at higher prices. The middlemen, touts and Government are benefiting. The same is the condition of all consumer goods. Farmers are committing suicide because they are not getting the minimum price of their products. The consumers are not able to meet the food requirements of the children but the Government and the middlemen are earning. Delhi and the Congress Governments are sleeping over this issue. They are not concerned with the Common man. The reality is that the Congress Government is only concerned about the profiteers, touts and middlemen. 

Today the milk producers (milkmen) staged a big Dharna/demonstration against the profiteering, adulteration by the dairies and payment of insufficient price to them. They say that if the milkmen produce only 20 lakh litres of milk and supply to the dairies per day then how the dairies are able to sell 60 lakh litres of milk in the market? The milkmen raised a question said that the greatest question is how the dairies produce additional 40 lakh litres of milk. It is obvious that many dairies increase their product by mixing milk powder and other ways of adulteration for increasing the quantity of production. Similarly the Government and private dairies are playing with the health of common man but the Government is not concerned about it. The milkmen have announced that if the Government does not hike the price of their milk then lakhs of milkmen of NCR shall gherao the Parliament on 25th April. 

Shri Gupta told that the same pathetic condition is of the vegetable producer of NCR. They get small price for their products in their Mandies but the middlemen and touts are benefiting. In Azadpur Mandi the price of Potatoes is Rs. 8 per kg but the same Potato is sold at the rate of Rs. 16-20 per kg. In the mandi Onions are being at the rate of Rs. 6 per kg, tomatoes at the rate of Rs. 9 per kg., brinjals Rs. 15 per kg., cauliflower at the rate of Rs. 12 per kg., tinda at the rate of Rs. 33 per kg., ladyfingers at the rate of Rs. 30 per kg., torie at the rate of Rs. 8 per kg., cucumber at the rate of Rs. 4 per kg., mushroom at the rate of Rs. 7 per packet, bitter gourd at the rate of Rs. 15 per kg., gourd Rs. 10 per kg. These vegetables are being sold at 3 times higher price to the consumers in the retail market. The Mandi system of the Government has completely failed.

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