Tuesday, 24 April 2012

New policy about country-liquor is anti social

Government wants to sell spurious and smuggled liquor in Delhi after stopping the sale of country liquor – Vijender Gupta 

 Delhi Government is going to stop the sale of country liquor in the capital only for additional annual revenue of about 103 lakh rupees. Now in place of a bottle of country liquor of Rs. 70 the consumers will be supplied Delhi Medium country liquor at the rate of Rs. 80 per bottle. Social planners and social service organizations including BJP believe that there will be far reaching social opposition to this decision of Delhi Government. It will also lead to smuggling of country wine in Delhi. The business of spurious liquor will also increase in the capital. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit always enjoys taking anti social decisions. She has taken the decision to stop the sale of country liquor in the capital without consulting the experts and the consumers. Government will earn additional revenue of 103 lakh rupees, but the people will have to spend crores of rupees for the treatment of diseases caused by wine consumption. Working hour will also be reduced because diseases shall increase and the people will be visiting hospitals in place of going to their work place. 

The logic behind the sale of Delhi Medium country liquor given by Sheila Government is that the sale of country liquor has gone down during the last year. Due to this there has been loss in the Government revenue. Government should be aware of the fact that there has been increase in the brands of foreign liquor and comparatively being cheaper. The consumers of country liquor have started consuming cheap foreign liquor. This is the biggest reason for the decrease in the sale of country liquor. Government has deliberately concealed the fact about the increase in the revenue from the foreign liquor. There is a conspiracy behind decision to sell country liquor named Delhi Medium. Now the manufacturers of this liquor shall have monopoly in Delhi. In the coming days the Government and liquor producers shall be able to sell it on arbitrary prices. Due to this the people consuming country liquor will have to pay more. 

BJP Pradesh President told that the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is not at all concerned about the fact that during her 13.5 years tenure 40% of Delhi are not getting pure drinking water. In place of providing pure drinking water to the people of Delhi Chief Minister is more concerned about supplying liquor to the wine consumers. Hence she has not made sufficient arrangements for drinking water in Delhi and is concentrating more on the production of Delhi Medium liquor. This decision of Chief Minister and her conduct indicates about the priorities of a women Chief Minister in the capital. Even today 30 lakh people are living in hellish conditions in the capital. Chief Minister is more interested in supplying liquor to them in place of providing high standard of Delhi.

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