Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Claims of Congress imaginary and hollow

BJP has clear majority in South Delhi Municipal Corporation – Vijender Gupta 

BJP has claimed with full confidence that it will get its candidate for the post of Mayor elected in the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. All the claims of Congress about its majority are imaginary and contrary to the sentiments of the people and only to mislead the people. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has raised a question to the Chief Minister and Congress Party that if they have majority in South Delhi Corporation then they should publish the list of the names of Councillors. If the Congress had majority in the Corporation then how it announced the name of the Leader of Opposition? 

He told that Congress has double standards. On the one hand the Chief Minister and the Congress President J.P. Aggarwal say that they had nothing to do with the election of the Councillors and they were quite aloof from the process of MCD elections. But yesterday Smt. Sheila Dikshit in an interview with a TV channel and said that the people of Delhi have not given mandate to them hence Congress Party is not interested in the election of Mayor etc. On the other hand the Congress is conspiring to grab power through back door in South Delhi Municipal Corporation. Under this conspiracy the Congress is trying to mislead the people. They do not have to support of Nationalist Congress Party nor the support of B.S.P. Even the independents are not supporting the Congress. 

Shri Gupta told that the Congress is playing strange drama. Will the Congress with the support of only 29 Councillors in the House of 104 (about 25% of the total number) will be able to get its Mayor elected and conduct the affairs of the Corporation by getting majority? He claimed that BJP has support of members whose number is more than required majority. It will not face any difficulty in getting its Mayor elected. The mispropaganda of the Congress is fresh example of its evil intentions. This Party does not believe in democracy and democratic propriety. Congress has always been using the back door for grabbing power. BJP will foil its attempt to grab power in South Delhi Municipal Corporation. 

BJP has made it clear that in the elections to the post of Mayor, the strength of BJP and the Congress will become clear. The candidates of BJP shall win the posts of Mayor, Deputy Mayor in South Delhi, North Delhi and East Delhi Municipal Corporations. Most of the independents are supporting BJP in South Delhi. The victorious candidates of other small Parties are also in contact with BJP. The Party will not face any difficulty in proving majority because the required number of 58 is with BJP. On the 2nd May the situation will be in favour of BJP. Shri Vijender Gupta has further told that when the people have not given mandate to the Congress in South Delhi Corporation then it should sit in the opposition peacefully following the democratic norms. The people have given mandate to the BJP in this Corporation.

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