Wednesday, 11 April 2012

BJP releases Vision Document 2025

BJP will make Delhi moderen city, full of employment opportunity and a smiling Metropolis 

New Delhi, 11th April. After releasing vision document 2025 prepared for the all-round development of Delhi during the next 14 years today, BJP’s national leader Shri Arun Jaitley replied to the questions of the press persons about the Gujrat riots and said that the anti national and anti social face of the parties opposing BJP specially Congress and anti BJP media has been exposed. Investigating agencies and the Court have shown the reality of the Gujarat riots to the entire world. 

The BJP Chief Minister of Gujrat Shri Narendra Modi has been given clean chit inspite of continuous mispropaganda and conspiracy against him during the last ten years. He told that there is anti Congress wave in the entire country due to price spiral and heavy corruption by the Congress Party. Congress had to face defeat in the Mumbai Corporation elections. On the 15th April also Congress will face rout in the MCD elections. BJP will emerge as a clean lotus and again win the MCD elections and make Delhi a world class city with all the facilities. 

He further told that the vision 2025 contains the points of view of BJP with regard to Delhi in which there is mention about the urban reconstruction of Delhi. People are leaving their villages and coming to the city due to the economic and political reasons in the entire world. Delhi has become a mini India. Here the priority of BJP is to improve the standard of life of the people. Garbage management, disposal of garbage, sufficient power, water, reclamation of Yamuna, environment management, control of pollution, good education, health facility, economic activities, sufficient and safe transport system are the needs of Delhi. During the last 13 years Congress Government of Delhi and during the last 7.5 years the Congress Government at Centre have done nothing in this direction. The CWG bungling have also tarnished the image of India in the world. 

In a Press Conference organised at the BJP Delhi Pradesh office, Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Shri Arun Jaitley, Delhi Pradesh Incharge Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and Chairman of the Election Management Committee Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra etc. released the vision document. On this occasion SarvaShri Vijay Goel, Arti Mehra, Vani Tripathi, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Mange Ram Garg, Prof. Jagdish Mukhi, Vijay Jolly, Srikant Sharma and other senior leaders were present on this occasion. 

Pradesh Incharge Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu told on this occasion that BJP dreams of such Delhi in which no body will be hungry. Every citizen gets pure drinking water and the city becomes free of slums. Every family gets housing accommodation so that the poor may not live under the open sky. BJP also plans that in Delhi everybody gets employment according to his skill, competence and qualification. 

He further told that in any Metropolitan city, the children are the most valuable resource. BJP promises that it will ensure the development of children by medical care on monthly basis and provide them best educational and medical facility so that they may become the engine of development of the nation and become partner in the nation building. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told on this occasion that the vision document 2025 dedicated to Delhi by the BJP Delhi Pradesh is the voice of our soul. This vision document is an important document for total development of Delhi and connected with human welfare programme. BJP wants that such Delhi is built which may be green, smiling and prosperous capital. BJP also wants to make Delhi free from accidents, tankers, pollution, adulteration and where the economic system is so sound that the entire country may feel proud. BJP also wants to make Delhi a hub of trade and employment where there is concentration of IT, housing, communication, industries. BJP wants that every citizen of Delhi gets sufficient food, employment and roof over their heads. We shall improved and decorate Delhi with full zeal in which every citizen becomes prosperous and there is smile on every face. 

Shri Gupta told that the aim of BJP is to build such Delhi in which senior citizens and weaker sections of society feel safe, medical facilities are provided to all the sections. BJP is also committed to provide safe and comfortable transport system to the people of Delhi. Party wants to provide mass transport system which is the safe and comfortable so that any person can reach his destination easily. He further told that BJP feels proud about being connected with Delhi for a long time. Party is committed for all-round development of Delhi which includes development of physical and social infrastructure with the philosophy of Antodaya. BJP plans to develop modern technology which may be used by the people of Delhi in all the sphares of life. Development of all the sections society and justice to all will be ensured with the help of moderen technology. 

Shri Gupta told that it is the firm belief of BJP that with the help of aforesaid works and vision, Delhi will become such a Metropolitan city of the world in which the people shall avail best quality of life comparable to any other Metropolitan city or capital of the world. Delhi will become such a capital in which besides economic and social development of all the sections of Indian society people from other countries may also have opportunity to live and learn. BJP will make Delhi a magnetic city of high level talents on which entire world may feel proud. BJP is committed for better administration and good governance. BJP is committed to fulfil its promises with transparency and full accountability.

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