Friday, 27 April 2012

Government wants to put financial burden on newly created Corporations – Vijender Gupta

Delhi Pradesh BJP President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the claim of the Chief Minister of Delhi that she has given bail-out package of 1831 crore rupees to the three Municipal Corporations is a misleading announcement because this amount is being given as loan to the Corporations which will have to be refunded with interest. This is a conspiracy to financially weaken the newly constituted Corporations. He has asked the Chief Minister that why she could not give this financial package as bail-out package to the three Corporations? The Central and Delhi Government have been providing financial package to the Corporations earlier also. 

He told that the loan and other financial liabilities of the East Delhi Corporation should not be imposed on all the three Corporations. It would be justified that these Corporations start work without any financial burden or pressure and the Central Government & Delhi Government should bear the entire financial liabilities of the unified Delhi Municipal Corporation. In the budget estimates prepared on the directions of Delhi Government the incomes of East Delhi Corporation, South Delhi Corporation & North Delhi Corporation are 1103.87 crore rupees, 2772.80 crore rupees & 2204.03 crore rupees respectively and the expenditure is Rs. 1525.44 crore rupees, 2413.52 crore rupees & 2994.32 crore rupees in the present financial year. Due to this there is estimated deficit of 421.56 crore rupees in the East Delhi Corporation and 790.28 crore rupees in the North Delhi Corporation. Delhi Government is providing loan of Rs. 1831 crore rupees in the name of financial package which will be recovered with interest. 

Actually this estimated deficit is due to creation of new Corporations in an arbitrary and unbalanced manner by the Delhi Government otherwise in the year 2012-13 the income would have been more than the estimated expenditure after making provision for the required amount for development and other social service works in the unified Delhi Municipal Corporation. The Chief Minister of Delhi talks about the other financial liabilities of Delhi Municipal Corporation, but is silent on the pension being denied to 750 senior citizens from every ward and 1000 rupees to other people which was being given from the fund provided by Delhi Government to the Delhi Municipal Corporation since last seven months.

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