Thursday, 12 April 2012

BJP raises 10 questions to Congress Government

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and Chairman of the Election Management Committee Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra have sought answers of 10 following questions from the Congress Government of Delhi.
  • Why the Government increased water tariff after taking over the Delhi Jal Board from MCD?  The quality of water decreased and pollution increased.  Why the Government is working for privatization of water for looting the people?
  •  Why the Government is allowing hike in power tariff again and again?  Is not the Government hand in glove with power companies?
  • Why the lifeline of Delhi Yamuna remains to be a dirty drain even after spending 1800 crore rupees for cleaning?  Is not the Government responsible for such terrible corruption?
  • Why your blood does not boil even after bungling of thousands of crores by Centre and Delhi Government, black money stashed away in foreign banks and imposition of taxes on the people?
  • Is not the Congress Government responsible for many times increase in the prices of petrol, diesel, cooking gas, CNG, ration, flour, sugar, rice, oil, milk products, tea, vegetable, fruits etc?
  • The price of milk has been increased six times in a year.  Why you are silent on depriving the poor children of milk by the Congress Government?
  • Has not the Government made your life difficult by increasing service tax?  Is not it an anti people act of imposing service tax on edible items, tourism, mobile service, telephone service, power supply, tent service etc.
  • Woman Chief Minister of Delhi Mrs. Sheila Dikshit is in power for the last 13 years.  Yet why the Court and media have termed Delhi as the haven of rapists and criminals?  Don’t you feel ashamed because you are a citizen of Delhi?
  • 50 lakh people of unauthorized colonies of Delhi are living in hellish conditions.  At the time of Assembly elections in 2008 provisional certificates were distributed to the people of these colonies for securing votes, but not a single colony has been regularized.  Why betrayal with 50 lakh people?  Will you remain silent even now?
  • Government had promised that the people living in Jhuggie jhompries and slums shall be provided houses at cheap rates.  Not a single such house has been provided to them.  Is not it a betrayal of them?

Shri Vijender Gupta and Prof. Malhotra have called upon the people of Delhi that they should certainly take revenge from the Congress Government for its betrayal, anti people decisions, price spiral and corruption.  Vote for BJP on the 15th April and make Delhi prosperous.

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