Sunday, 25 November 2012

BJP demand to the Petroleum Minister


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Central Petroleum Minister Virappa Moily that he should provide new gas connection to the people in Delhi because the gas agencies have stopped booking for new gas connections. 

He has also demanded the Petroleum Minister that he should make arrangement for supplying subsidised cylinders to the 4 lakh poor families of Delhi for the whole year because Delhi Government has abolished quota of Kerosene to these families. Many of these families do not have gas connections. After the end of Kerosene quota, they are facing great difficulties in cooking their food. They have neither cooking gas nor kerosene. 

Since the Government fixed quota of only 6 cylinders, the gas companies of the capital are behaving in arbitrary manner. They have arbitrarily decided to supply only 3 subsidised cylinders to the consumers, when the consumer raise objections, gas agencies reply that rest of 3 subsidised gas cylinders will be supplied from April, 2013. Government has fixed the quota of gas cylinders but they have not issued clear cut directions in this regard. The gas agencies are taking advantage of it. 

The price of subsidised gas cylinders in the capital is Rs. 411 in the capital and the price of non-subsidised cylinders is Rs. 895. The consumer to have been supplied 3 subsidised cylinders, they are being charged Rs. 895 for the fourth cylinder. Whereas, only after supply of 6 subsidised cylinders the consumer should be supplied non-subsidised gas cylinder. But the gas agency are not doing so in Delhi and behaving arbitrarily. Nobody is listening to complaint against them. It is surprising that there is undeclared ban on new gas connections at present. Those poor people who don't have gas connections are suffering. Such people were cooking their food on Kerosene but Delhi Government has stopped supply of Kerosene also.

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