Thursday, 1 November 2012

Government will ruin the country

Delhi BJP organised a big public meeting at Durga Park in Dabri to protest against FDI today. Addressing the public meeting Legislator Prof. Jagdish Mukhi told that Congress Government is bent upon ruining the country. This Government has become a toy in the hands of foreign countries and compromising with sovereignty of India. Efforts are being made to enslave the country economically. Hence we shall have to dislodge Congress Government from Centre and Delhi. 

Local Legislator Praduman Rajput, Pradesh Vice President Vishakha Shailani also addressed the people present in the public meeting today. Smt. Shailani told that the people of Delhi should resolve to oppose the atrocities of Congress Government and rout Congress Government in the next elections. She told the workers present on this occasion that they should visit every household and apprise the people about the adverse affects of FDI. 

Legislator Praduman Rajput told that the Congress Government has become completely undemocratic. This Government is playing in the hands of touts, middlemen and profiteers. This Government has nothing to do with the common man. UPA-II Government has committed bungling of more than 4 lakh crores so far. Had this amount been spent on the development of the country then every village and city of India could have been provided pure drinking water and uninterrupted power. But in place of doing so the way is the Government allowed FDI in retail trade indicates that some big scam has been committed. 

Thousands of BJP workers, local people participated in the big public meeting at Durga Park. On this occasion Harish Harjai, Rekha Chauhan, Gajendra Rajput, Pradeen Tanwar and office bearers of the District and Mandals were present.

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