Thursday, 22 November 2012

Government should immediately withdraw increase in circle rates


New Delhi, 22nd Nov. BJP is of the view that up to 200 percent increase in the circle rates is additional burden on the people during the time of price spiral. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the Government had increased circle rates for the 3rd time in November, 2011. Within a year, by increasing circle rates for the fourth time, Government has broken the dream of the homeless people to have house of their own. He has demanded the Government to withdraw the heavy increase in circle rates immediately. 

Shri Gupta told that all the areas of the capital have been divided in eight categories. 60 percent of the population of Delhi lives in E, F, G, H categories. The unauthorised colonies come under G and H category in which 50 lakh people live without any basic amenities. Government should not have increased the circle rates of E, F, G & H categories because the poor people live in these areas. 

Government has recently issued the statistics on Delhi. It has been shown that 68 percent of the families of the capital have houses of their own. These data have been cleverly issued by the Government so that its failures could be covered up. The reality is that 50 percent people do not have houses of their own. In joint families people have separate kitchens because they don't have capacity to purchase separate houses. The price of even one room flat in Delhi is not less than 20 lakh rupees. 

In Delhi Circle rate was increased for the first time on 18th July, 2007. After that in February and November, 2011, there was steep hike in the circle rates. Now the circle rate has been increased for the fourth time on 21st November by Delhi Government when the Government knows that in Delhi the first priority of the people is a house. Due to increase in circle rates and increase in the population in Delhi now land has become scarce. In this situation land and building mafia is benefiting. The needy people have to pay 4000 to 5000 rupees per month for one room. 60 percent of the population of Delhi earns less than 8000 rupees per month. These people have to spend 60 percent of their income on house rent. In this situation Government should not have increased circle rates and given priority to the houses of the people because these 60 percent poor people of Delhi are the backbone of economy of Delhi.

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