Friday, 23 November 2012

Notification for the regularisation 895 unauthorised colonies fails in its objective


New Delhi, 23rd Nov. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has raised a question to Delhi Government that why those 895 unauthorised colonies for which notification of regularisation was issued on 5th November, 2012 have not been regularised as yet. Why the Revenue Department of the Delhi Government has refused regularisation of these colonies? 

In a Press Release Shri Gupta had said that the way in which the Chief Minister of Delhi had announced providing cheap houses to the poor, loan of 1 lakh rupees to the poor, free gas connection to the poor, cheap flour, pulses to the people of Delhi, the same way the Chief Minister has announced about regularising unauthorised colonies. Is not it fraud with the people? Is not it obstinacy and misuse of position by the Chief Minister even after the caution issued by the Lokayukta of Delhi Justice Manmohan Shareen and a letter to the President of India against the Chief Minister? 

In view of the Assembly Elections, Delhi Government has been making misleading and false announcement to grab the vote of the people of Delhi which have not been fulfilled. Now, in view of the Assembly Election in 2013, the way in which Delhi Government had issued the notification for regularising 895 unauthorised colonies in haste and without making proper preparation and without legal remedies to secure vote of 50 lakh poor people living in unauthorised colonies, is not a fraud to the people, Government departments, Lokayukta, Lt. Governor of Delhi? 

Government wasted crores of rupees on advertisements in Newspapers and other media for the regularisation of the colonies. Big hoarding were fixed all over Delhi in which the Chief Minister was shown patting herself. Who is responsible for the wastage of so much public money on advertisements? Will the Government refund this money to the treasury from her party fund? Will the Chief Minister apologize to the people for her failure to regularise the colonies? Even before this at the time of Assembly Elections in 2008, the Chief Minister had got provisional certificates distributed through Congress President Sonia Gandhi for securing the votes of the people of unauthorised colonies in a big public meeting, which was later on declared to be invalid. Will the Chief Minister take responsibility of all these and resign from her post?

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