Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Black-marketing of auto rickshaw in delhi with the connivance of government - BJP

Leader of the Opposition in Delhi Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra and BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijendra Gupta today held Shiela Dikshit Government and the Congress party squarely responsible for the rampant corruption and black-marketing in getting the Auto Rickshaw permits. 

In a statement both leaders charged the government with deliberating creating an artificial scarcity by issuing only ten thousand Auto Rickshaw Permits instead of 45 thousand as directed by the Supreme Court. This clearly shows the vicious nexus between the Delhi Government, financiers and Auto Rickshaw mafia. 

They said a year ago the Supreme Court had allowed the Government to release 45 thousand permits for Auto Rickshaws. The Supreme Court had also said that in case there is more demand for the three Wheelers, the Government can apply for more permits. 

Instead of trying to provide relief to the harassed commuters, Delhi Government in league with financiers and Auto Rickshaw Mafia deliberately held back release of the permits for a long period and now has released only ten thousand permits thus clearly violating the court orders and in the process encouraging and helping the black marketers. 

It is another addition to the growing number of scams under the Shiela Dikshit Government and I demand that CBI inquiry should be held in this scandal as to why 45-thousand Permits have been held back and why it took the administration 11 months to implement the court order. The common citizen has a right to know why he/she is being blackmailed by its own government.

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