Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Lt. Governor should order judicial enquiry in the failure of Government to account for the expenditure of 400 crore rupees from Legislator’s fund – Vijender Gupta

Expressing his apprehension of heavy corruption in the failure of Delhi Government to give accounts of the expenditure of 400 crore rupees spent by various agencies of Delhi Government under Legislator’s Local Area Development Scheme BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has held Delhi Government directly responsible for it. He has demanded the Government to punish the persons directly responsible for it and account for each paisa spent out of Rs. 400 crores. He has demanded Lt. Governor to order judicial enquiry in this bungling. 

In view of special needs of 70 Assembly constituencies of Delhi, Government had started Legislator’s Local Area Development Fund for providing basic amenities and development of the area. All the Legislators get 4 crore rupees annually for the development of their areas under this scheme. Urban Development department of Delhi Government releases this fund because this department is Nodal agency. Urban Development department of Delhi Government has not forwarded the accounts of the expenditure from the year 2008 to 2011 to the CAG. The CAG has raised strong objection to it. Under this scheme from the year 2008 to 2011, Delhi Jal Board was paid Rs. 178.7 crore for providing clean drinking water in the Assembly constituencies of Delhi. The DJB has not accounted for the amount spent to the Delhi Government whereas the Chairperson of DJB is the Chief Minister herself. 

Under the MLA LAD scheme 90 crore rupees were paid to the New Delhi Municipal Council. But NDMC has not accounted for the fund utilisation for the last four years. It shows that great manipulation has been made in utilising this fund. Even Delhi Government did not ask the NDMC to account for this 90 crore rupees whereas this amount was given by the Urban Development Ministry. It is the responsibility of this Ministry to demand for the account of utilisation of this fund. 

Similarly DDA was paid 60.72 crore rupees from the Legislator’s Fund. DDA has not provided the details of the expenditure made by it to the Government. In view of the history of DDA it seems that bungling has been committed in this case also. DDA has not given the accounts of the expenditure of 60.72 crore rupees deliberately. If an impartial enquiry is ordered then many people shall be caught for committing bungling. BJP demands that the Government should ask the DDA to account for the utilisation of this fund and if there is any bungling then the persons responsible should be punished.

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