Thursday, 15 November 2012

Demand to Delhi government for declaring Public Holiday on Chhath Puja

bjp will depute 10,000 karsewaks at 160 chhath ghats of delhi for helping the devotees – vijender gupta

            New Delhi, 15th November.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that respecting the sentiments of 40 lakh Poorvanchalies of the capital and on the occasion of their most sacred festival of Chhath Puja government should declare Public Holiday on the 19th November.  He has also demanded providing several facilitates on Chhath Ghats for the Poorvanchalies.  For this purpose a 13 point demand has been issued. Party will organize camps with Karsewaks at 160 Chhath Ghats so that the worshippers may not face any difficulty.  The demands are :

1          Demand for declaring Public Holiday on Chhath Puja in Delhi.

2          Sufficient number of special trains should be run from Delhi to Bihar.

3          Sufficient arrangements be made for worshippers in MCD and DDA parks.

4          Additional Water be released at Wazirabad Ghats on this occasion.

5          Special cleaning at Yamuna banks be done.  Uneven roads be made worth waking.

6          Arrangements for free parking be made at Ghats.

7          Sufficient number of toilets for men and women be provided at the Ghats.

8          Provision of tents for women to change clothes at Yamuna banks.

9          Arrangements for police and motor boats in sufficient numbers.

10        Provision for beds, durries, polythene sheets, lighting, drinking water for night stay for every 1000 people at each Chhath Ghat and medical facilities. 

11        Free and sufficient transport service be provided.

12        Mob control and disaster management team be deputed at all the main railway stations of Delhi.

13        Temporary medical camps be opened at railway station and bus terminals.

            Shri Gupta was talking to the press persons at BJP Delhi Pradesh Head Office today. BJP Delhi Pradesh Poorvanchal Cell Convenor Abhay Varma was present on this occasion.  He told that BJP as the strong protector of Indian culture, will depute 10,000 volunteers for helping the Chhath worshippers on every Chhath Ghats of Delhi.  BJP Pradesh President will himself visit prominent Ghats with his team so that the worshippers do not face any difficulty.  In accordance will the direction of Pradesh President all the three corporations have taken steps to clean the Ghats.  Additional number of laborers have been deputed for this work.      

            Pradesh President has demanded Delhi government to make arrangements for the sale of fruits/flowers and other necessary items for Chhath Puja at concessional rates for the worshippers so that price spiral does not spoil the festival.  The shopkeepers have increased the prices of fruits and other items used by worshippers on this occasion in view of forthcoming Chhath Puja.  Government should make all the necessary arrangements to control the prices so that all the items used by the worshippers may be available at fair price.  Bananas are being sold @ Rs. 70 per dozen, Apples @ Rs. 160 per kg, Mosami @ Rs. 60 per kg, Permanganate @ Rs. 180 per kg, Coconuts @ Rs. 50 per piece, Orange @ Rs. 150 per kg, Naak @ Rs. 120 per kg, B-gosha @ Rs. 100 per kg, Ananas @ Rs. 60 per piece, Sharifa @ Rs. 120 per kg on this occasion.  

            Shri Gupta issued a list of 160 Chhath Ghats to the press persons. It may be mentioned that in Bihar State and its neighboring areas two days public holiday is allowed so that the people may observe the Chhath Puja of Lord Sun will full enthusiasm. This festival is observed for the welfare of family, society, country and the world.  This is the only festival in which the setting sun and the rising sun is worshipped.  After paying obeisance to the setting sun the worshippers pass their night on the bank of rivers singing devotional songs.  On the next day they pay obeisance to the rising sun and conclude their worship of Sun God.  Besides India this festival is observed in Mauritius, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, Africa etc. where Poorvanchalies are living.  

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