Saturday, 21 January 2012

DTC's name should be changed to 'Dirty Transport Corporation' - B.J.P

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that due to corruption in Delhi Government not only the public transport system in Delhi has collapsed, but also become almost dead for which the Chief Minister is fully responsible. 

          The CAG of India should enquire into the bungling in DTC and after that CBI should investigate into it because since the last 10-12 years this bungling continues and this is in the series of bungling committed by Delhi Government and this may be bigger than CWG bungling on the basis of financial irregularities in it. 

          A new way of earning by political leaders has been invented in the name of cluster buses in Delhi.  These buses earn less then 40 Rs. per km whereas Rs. 55 per km. are being paid for running it.  Due to this crores of public money are being looted. 

          The name of DTC run by the Government should be changed to 'Dirty Transport Corporation'. Uncontrolled drivers, running condemned buses after repairing, showing five thousand buses on the roads, but actually only half of this number is running, heavy bungling in the purchase of buses, increasing loss, open violation of traffic rules, incidents of pick pocketing every day, but not lodged by the Police and every day accidents are the character of DTC.

          The people were afraid of blue line buses, but now the credit for such terror is being given to the DTC buses.  The surprising, regrettable and shameful fact is that the DTC buses which transport the children to the schools are very often old and mechanically weak buses which can be the cause of a big accident.

          In the name of improvement in the transport system of Delhi not only bungling was committed in the purchase of low-floor buses, the people are compelled to use the low-floor buses of the DTC which has not the full capacity to provide transportation to the poor people who have to use DTC for earning their livelihood and this has added to their sufferings.

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