Thursday, 19 January 2012

Corruption in Commonwealth Games

Bail to Kalmadi but No action against Sheila Dikshit accused of corruption of crores - Vijender Gupta

          New Delhi, 19th January.  BJP has asked the Home Minister of India that why no legal action is being taken against Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit accused of corruption in Commonwealth Games whereas the CAG of India and Shunglu Committee appointed by the Prime Minister had proved corruption in crores by her? 

          Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Central Government is fully trying to save Chief Minister of Delhi who is the main accused persons of corruption.  Hence small player like Suresh Kalmadi had to go to jail for nine months, but the main accused of corruption of crores, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is scot free.  Why no stern action has been taken against her inspite of the report of the CAG?  He further said that BJP will not allow the Congress Government to succeed in saving the Chief Minister.  It will have to account for each paisa of hard earned money of the people wasted in corruption in the CWG.

          Shri Gupta told that after the bail of the Chairman of O.C. Suresh Kalmadi the responsibility of investigating agencies has increased.  Now they should take legal action against main accused persons immediately and should not allow covering up the case.  BJP has been alleging corruption of thousands of crores in the CWG at the instance of Delhi Government and Chief Minister of Delhi.

          The CAG and Shunglu Committee had confirmed it one year ago.  It has been alleged in the report of CAG in 2012 tabled in Delhi Legislative Assembly that Delhi Government worked on 40 projects related to Games.  Out of these 15 projects are still incomplete.  CAG has again accused Delhi Government of corruption of crores in the Game projects.  Inspite of this the Central Government is not taking any action.

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  1. This is why India never hardly wins any medals in Olympics and China is at the top of olympics medals.


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