Saturday, 21 January 2012

BJP women workers protest and burn effigy against insulting comments of senior Congress leader against women

Hundreds of women workers agitated due to insulting comments against national leader Ms. Uma Bharati during election campaign by a senior Congress leader of U.P. Pramod Tiwari staged demonstration at 24 Akbar Road, the national Headquarters of Congress Party under the leadership of Pradesh President Ms. Shikha Rai and burnt effigy of Congress Party. Agitated women workers were raising slogans 'Congressiyon Hosh Mein Aao - Mahilao Ka Samman Karo', 'Mahila Samman Kar Na Sake Jo Woh Sarkar Chalane ke Kabil Nahi' etc. 

Addressing the women workers at the site of demonstration Pradesh Vice President Shri Pawan Sharma and Mahila Morcha President Shikha Rai told that in cultured country like India where women are worshipped even today, insulting comments by any political leader can not be forgiven. The people know the truth. They will never votes for the candidates of the Congress Party which has insulted the women. 

Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that apprehensive of its defeat in five States Congress Party has become furious. Some times his prince Rahul Gandhi is saying that Uma ji is outsider whereas the Congress President is herself of foreign origin. Now Tiwari has also used insulting language against Uma ji. He has advised the leaders to restrain their language and no body will accept the insulting words used against women. 

Mrs. Simmi Jain, Balwaninder Kaur, Mamta Nagpal, Sandhya Verma, Sudha Sharma, Simmi Garg, Renu Sharma and many other women leaders besides hundreds of other workers participated in the demonstration today and warned the Congress Party that if any of its leaders will use insulting words against women then the consequences will be serious. 

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