Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Today is National Girl child day

Shameful for the Government, female foeticide continues in Delhi - Vijender Gupta

  Expressing its grave concern over continuance of female foeticide on large scale in Delhi where the Chief Minister is a women, BJP has held the Chief Minister and Delhi Government directly responsible for it.  Terming the decline in the sex ratio of 866 girls for 1000 boys as shameful for the Chief Minister, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that Delhi Government is completely indifferent towards preventing female foeticide.  This continues openly in the capital but the Government has neither apprehended any guilty Doctor nor it has initiated any campaign in Delhi to prevent female foeticide.

          Today is the national girl child day.  On this occasion the Women and Child Development Minister of Delhi Kiran Walia has admitted that foeticide continues in the capital.  In order to stop it change in the mind set of the society is necessary.  BJP has raised a question to the Delhi Government, Chief Minister and Minister Kiran Walia that when the average sex ratio in India is 940 then why it has declined to 866 in the capital Delhi?  Is not Delhi Government and the women Chief Minister responsible for it?  If female foeticide continues in the capital then what measures have been taken by Delhi Government to stop it?

          The ratio of girl child in various districts in Delhi is follows : North-West 862, North Delhi 871, Delhi 866, North-East Delhi 886, East Delhi 883, New Delhi 811, Central Delhi 892, West Delhi 876, South-West 836 and South Delhi 859.  Delhi Government says that Delhi is world class city, but the sex ratio of girl child is lower than Rajasthan, U.P., Haryana.  This figure in Rajasthan 926, U.P. 908 and Haryana 877.  Whereas in Delhi this ratio is at shameful level at 866.  Although Delhi Government has framed schemes on paper and spent crores of rupees to improve sex ratio, but the Government failed in preventing foeticide.  In Delhi foeticide continues and the Government celebrates Rashtriya Balika Divas after spending lakhs of rupees of public money in Talkatora Stadium.

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