Saturday, 7 January 2012

BJP will oppose the Government inside the Legislative Assembly and on the streets also – Vijender Gupta


BJP Delhi Pradesh will hold a big public meeting on 9th January in Talkatora Stadium on the issue of giving bailout package of 500 crore rupees to the profit earning private power companies by the Chief Minister in spite of protest from the BJP, back breaking price spiral, bungling and corruption being committed by the Government and problems of lakhs of poor people of Delhi.  The party has framed strategy to strongly oppose the Government within Legislative Assembly and also outside it and start movement in entire Delhi. BJP will also awaken the people on the issue of Lokpal and the murder of democracy.

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Shri Arun Jaitley and other senior leaders will address the big public meeting of workers to be held in Talkatora Stadium. He told that the Congress Government of Delhi has been committing bungling in the privatization of power since the day of privatization.  The CAG, DERC and PAC of Delhi have confirmed it. The PAC had alleged bungling of 8 thousand crore of rupees in the process of privatization and demanded CBI enquiry into it. This demand has not been conceded as yet.  

Former Chairman of DERC Shri Virendra Singh had found in his enquiry into the accounts of power companies that they had earned profit of 6 thousand crore rupees in the year 2009-10. Hence he had directed the power companies to decrease power tariff. After retirement of Shri Singh the Delhi Government approved increase of power tariff by 22 percent by the power companies. Now, the Government is going to privatize water supply in the capital. The condition of unauthorized colonies and slum clusters is very bad. The colonies are not being regularized. By distributing provisional certificates in the name of regularization, Government facilitated bungling of thousands of crores. Now Delhi Government is trying to cover up this scam.

Last year, Sheila Government imposed economic burden of 25,000 crore rupees.  In the beginning of New Year, insensitive Sheila Dikshit Government increased the prices of Petrol, CNG and Sugar. Water supply charges have also been increased and people are being served hefty power, water and sewer charges bill. Delhi Government openly opposed Lokpal and Lokayukta so that their corruption may continue and the people may suffer. Minister Rajkumar Chauhan who allowed tax evasion of crores has not been removed from his post, only his department has been changed. Even after distributing provisional certificates not a single unauthorized colony has been regularized. Contrary to its promise for cheap houses to the poor, the Government did not do so. The Lokayukta of Delhi and also made strong comments against Delhi Government had wrote a letter to the President of India.

Price spiral is at its climax in Delhi. Government continues to impose burden of taxes on the people. Prices of CNG, Petrol, Diesel have increased. Metro parking has become costly. The prices of Milk, Ghee, Sugar, Rice, Tea, Pulses etc. are sky rocketing. Government is not concerned about price spiral and completely involved in corruption. People are not getting any relief. The law and order situation is also bad. Every year 8000 children go missing in the capital. Due to lack of disaster management policy, hundreds of people lose their lives. The people are being sold adulterated goods openly who are already suffering from price rise. Farmers are not getting fair price for their products and the middlemen are earning profit in the mandies. Yamuna River is still a dirty drain even after spending 1800 crore rupees. Sewer system in Delhi is not working.  Now, the people are looking towards BJP for the solution of the problems of the people of Delhi. 

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