Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Promise of the Government to provide pucca houses to the EWS is an election stunt

Government should issue white paper on providing pucca flats to EWS of Delhi - B.J.P. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Government that it should issue a white paper on providing pucca houses to the EWS of the capital under Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna so that it may be ascertained that whether the Government really wants to provide houses to the EWS or it is only showing golden dreams on the occasion of MCD elections. 

In the Cabinet meeting yesterday, Delhi Government has decided that the houses under Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna will be allotted by the month of March this year. The J.J. dwellers belonging to S.C. category will be provided houses free of cost. S.C./S.T./Minority Welfare department will bear the cost of initial deposit required from these categories. Cabinet has also decided that the cut-off date for eligibility under this scheme will be extended from 31-12-2002 to 31-12-2007. On this basis people who became residents upto 2007 will be eligible for allotment of houses. 

BJP Pradesh President said that this promise of the Government is an election stunt for securing votes because the Government is talking about allotting 13,700 flats by March, 2012 whereas by the second week of February the ideal code of conduct will come into force for MCD elections. The Government will not be able to allot houses to the poor after the code of conduct comes into force. The Government also knows it hence it is trying to mislead the EWS of Delhi. 

BJP has also raised to some questions to Delhi Government. Has the Government conducted any survey of EWS eligible for houses under Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna? Has the Government the datas of the poor in Delhi. About two lakh people have applied for flats under this scheme who are eligible by the year 2002? 

After extending the period to 2007 this number will increase to 10 lakh. Will Delhi Government be able to provide houses to 10 lakh people? Government has said that slum clusters of Delhi will be removed from Delhi by the year 2015. Has the Government frame any strategy that after 2015 there will not be any slum in Delhi or allowed to come up? The reality is that the Government has no authentic data of the poor in Delhi. 

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