Saturday, 14 January 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Central Government that Delhi Government should be dismissed immediately and a Judicial Commission under the Chairmanship of a Delhi High Court Judge be constituted to enquire into the bungling in Commonwealth Games by the Chief Minister because according to CAG bungling of thousands of crores of public money was committed in awarding contracts disregarding all the rules in a planned manner. 

Shri Gupta told that CAG on the basis of the records provided by Delhi Government proved bungling of thousands of crores under the patronage of the Chief Minister of Delhi but she is holding the officers responsible for it and using political pressure to escape responsibility. Everyone knows that bureaucrats cannot commit bungling of such large scale at their own level and swindle away thousands of crores. 

He said that the IOA had estimated expenditure of 1200 crores for the Commonwealth Games at the initial stage. But it was increased 7 times to Rs. 18,532 crores subsequently. Piece meal decisions were taken under a well considered strategy for this purpose. 

Shri Gupta alleged that due to the incompetence of Delhi Government out of the 40 Games projects which should have been completed before the start of the Games 18 projects are still incomplete. CAG rejected all the arguments given by Delhi Government in its favour on the basis of the records and found that all the charges of bungling given in the report are true. 

Shri Vijender Gupta told that since this is the case of the Congress Chief Minister of Delhi hence efforts are being made to cover it up for one and a half year. All the circumstances of this case are like the 2G scam in which a non Congress Minister A. Raja is in jail. Suresh Kalmadi has also been sent to jail for bungling in Commonwealth Games on the basis of CAG report. Although the circumstances are similar against the Chief Minister of Delhi yet the Central Government is not taking any action due to political pressure. 

If the present Chief Minister continues on her post then there is possibility that the documents related to the bungling may be tampered with and all the efforts will be made to implicate the bureaucrats for it. The CAG in his report on Commonwealth Games has clearly noted that at the time of awarding contracts the consultants and contractors were selected without following the criteria fixed for it. 

He further told that the CAG in his report has clearly shown that there was no need for street escaping. The work which could be completed for 5 crore rupees was completed after spending 51 crore rupees. Those consultants who were found unfit even for work of 30 crore rupee were awarded work for 204 crore rupees. According to the Delhi police the wireless set given to it were useless and said that these were purchased without taking into consideration the needs of Delhi police and other Agencies and these were purchased more than needed. Even the Special Police Commissioner termed this system as failure. 

According to audit report the contractors who were awarded contracts for Talkatora and Shivaji Stadium were not technically competent for these works. Not only this, 3 crore rupees extra was paid for steel work out of the Nut & Bolt account in Tyagraj Stadium. 

In Barapoola Nala project extra payment was made for fixed quantity of steel of about 3 crore rupees. It is surprising that in its first reply to the CAG, Delhi Government had said that no soil testing was done for Barapoola Nala project but now it is saying that soil testing was done. 

In spite of high rates paid for Street Lighting system the concerned firm completed the work in 21 months which should have been completed in 12 months but no penalty was imposed for it.

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