Monday, 2 January 2012

Demand for stern action against education mafia


In a letter written to the Chief Minister of Delhi, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has complained that the private managed schools have made nursery admissions a profitable business and demanded that stern action should be taken against the schools which violate the norms fixed by the Government and the High Court so that Delhi may become a full-fledged literate state.

Shri Gupta has written to the Chief Minister that the process of admission to nursery classes have started in the schools of Delhi today. The private managed schools have not implemented the norms fixed by Delhi High Court and Delhi Government in the process of admission to nursery classes. Every school is following its own norms and admitting the children in an arbitrary way. Due to this, the parents are facing great difficulties.  Some schools are not selling admission forms in impartial manner. Admission forms are being sold at arbitrary rates. The schools are making the process of admission difficult by framing rules in their own way after seeing the age of the children in years and months so that the parents may be compelled to pay for it also.

The private managed schools have made education in Delhi a business. Due to this the right to education is being openly violated in the capital of India. Those parents, do not have sufficient money to pay according to the wishes of school managements are running from pillar to post for the admission of their children. The school management, Education Ministry of Delhi is not listening to them. The parents are being compelled for donation on one pretext or other. Entire Delhi is under the grip of education mafia.

Many schools have also started getting services of touts for admission to their schools. The parents are feeling that the children of only those parents who have sufficient money will get admission. The High Court of Delhi has many times reprimanded Delhi Government, Education Department and private schools that the Government should take stern action against the education mafia doing the business of education of Delhi. It is regrettable that the Delhi Government has violated the orders of High Court. This is the reason why the education mafia of Delhi is uncontrolled and acting arbitrarily. 

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