Friday, 27 January 2012

Conditions after reservation of seats for women in MCD


After the announcement of seats for women in the MCD by the Election Commission, BJP Delhi will convene an important meeting of the party and select suitable candidates for the seats and decide its strategy according to the conditions arising out of reservation of seats.

This was announced by the Pradesh President. He told that all the issues related to elections and reservation of seats will be seriously considered in the meeting. After that the work of forming strategy from the point of view of elections will be completed. According to new reservation formula the seats for male councilors in the three corporations of 272 seats, is now 134 seats. Total seats for the male councilors have decreased by 47. The number of female seats is now 138 which was earlier 91 only. In view of these equations BJP will form its strategy, so that it may win in all the three corporations. 

Shri Gupta has appealed to lakhs of BJP workers of Delhi that in view of new equations and reservation of seats, form strategy and become more active. Door to door contact campaign is the most effective one with the help of which the common man is acquainted with the policies, directions and programmes of the party. Hence the BJP workers should start giving the details of the public service programmes of BJP visiting door to door. The workers should utilize their entire strength to solve the problems of the area. 

It may be mentioned that the BJP in its five year tenure in the MCD started the facility of E-Governance. Mechanized sweeping has been started on selected roads. Lighting system has improved in the capital. The quality of roads under MCD has also improved. With the efforts of Mayor Rajni Abbi and Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, Primary Schools have been open or foundations laid in the remote villages in which there was no facility for education. The BJP workers should apprise the people about it and resolve to make the BJP candidates victorious in MCD elections. 

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