Saturday, 8 September 2012

BJP will start strong movement in Delhi demanding regularization of 583+784 colonies

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and the Leader of the Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra have in a joint Press Conference announced that the Party will start a movement in entire Delhi for regularizing all the unauthorized colonies so that 50 lakh people of these colonies may lead happy life. A senior delegation of the Party will meet Central Urban Development Minister Shri Kamal Nath and demand that all the 1639 unauthorized colonies should be regularized on’as is where is’ basis without charging any fee. 

Shri Gupta & Prof. Malhotra told that the Delhi Government through its order dated 4th September, 2012 has declared regularization of only the colonies which had come up on private land. The Government in its order had divided the colonies in two categories and has said that the colonies on Government land will have to pay the cost of land for regularization. Besides this the respective departments shall recover price, penalty, fee etc. from the colonies on Government land. 

Government had issued a notification on 24th March, 2008 laying down the criteria for regularization of unauthorized colonies. According to this notification the lay-out plan of the colonies, fixing the boundaries etc. was to be done by the MCD, but the Government in order to take the credit of regularization made many amendments in the notification dated 24th March, 2008 and took over the work of fixing the boundaries of the colonies and only the work of lay-out plan was given to the MCD. This amending notification was issued on 6th June, 2012. 

This way the Government kept with itself the work which was to be done by the Corporations. The regularization of 583 colonies on Government land has become uncertain because the Government has authorized the respective department to recover heavy fees for regularization vide notification dated 6th June, 2012. If the Government could regularize these colonies without recovering any fee then these colonies could also become regularized. When the concerned departments shall issue notification declaring the colonies to be legal according to the orders issued on 4th September, 2012, only then the Government will declared them to be regularized. This way Delhi Government has made the future of 583 colonies uncertain. 

There are many conditions attached to the 312 unauthorized colonies for which incomplete declaration has been made. 50 thousand shops in these colonies are waiting for the change of land use. These shops may be sealed or demolished at any time. More than 10 lakh plots and incomplete buildings are these 312 colonies. There is no permission to construct houses in these colonies. Banks are not providing loan for the construction of houses. The Government has not acquired land for primary schools, dispensary, post office, parks, community centre, sports complex etc. Delhi Government has not forwarded lay out plan of any colony for the approval of Corporations. Thousands of crores have been spent on the regularization of these colonies, but nothing has changed. 

Shri Gupta and Prof. Malhotra told that at the time of Assembly elections in the year 2008, Delhi Government had promised to regularize 1639 colonies and 1218 colonies were issued provisional certificates through Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Now announcement has been made to regularize 895 colonies, but actually only 312 colonies have been regularized and promise has been made to regularize these 583 colonies after recovering heavy fees. BJP demands the Central and Delhi Governments that the way in which 622 colonies were regularized during the tenure of Janasangh in the year 1970-77 without charging any fee, the same way 1639 colonies should be regularized.

The poor people in these colonies are living in hellish conditions and maintaining their families. They will have to pay cost of land development fee, penalty, circle rates etc. which will be in lakhs. Government will recover crores from the colonies. Those people who may not be able to pay this amount may not get the sanction for ownership of their land. Paying such huge amount during the time of price spiral is beyond the capacity of poor people. Government should accept this truth and regularized the colonies without charging any fee. BJP demands that all the colonies should be regularized on ‘as is where is’ basis without charging in fee.

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