Friday, 7 September 2012

Why the future of 744 colonies is uncertain

The notification of regularization has created anxiety due to many unanswered questions among 50 lakh citizens of these colonies : will this notification will also prove to be deception – Vijender Gupta

New Delhi, 7th September. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that after the issue of notification on unauthorized colonies by the Government 50 lakh people living in these colonies have become more worried.  The question before them is that will the Government allow them to construct on the vacant plots and complete the incomplete houses?  Will the Government provide all the basic amenities, community facilities, religious and shopping facilities etc.?  How will the Government arrange for additional land for all these things?  Is this notification of regularization a deception with the people of these colonies?  The people of these colonies have sought reply of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Central Urban Development Minister Shri Kamal Nath on the following points :

1                    The sword of sealing & demolition is still hanging on 50 thousand shops of the unauthorized colonies because at the time of changing the land use these shops were not regularized because they were in the unauthorized colonies.  What will be future of these shops?

2                    More than 20 lakh plots are vacant in the unauthorized colonies.  It includes lakhs of incomplete houses.  Will the Government allow the owners of vacant plots and incomplete houses to start construction?

3                    Whether the public sector banks and private banks can provide loan for construction work, sale/purchase of properties, trade, repair work, beautification etc. like the regularized colonies?

4                    Whether the Government has given permission for changing the land use?

5                    Whether civic amenities like public parks, religious places, community halls, markets be provided in the unauthorized colonies?  How will the Government arrange for land for this purpose?

6                    According to the present rule, the lay out plans of all the unauthorized colonies is required to be passed by the Municipal Corporation.  Why the Government has not forwarded lay-out plan of any colony to the Municipal Corporation?

7                    The CBI in its report submitted on 22nd February, 2011 found that bungling of thousands of crores has been committed in the unauthorized colonies in the name of development.  Why the Government is trying suppress this fact?

8                    At the time of elections, the Government had sanctioned 2800 crore rupees in the name of development of unauthorized colonies. This fund was to used for the construction of roads, drains, drainage of dirty water, sewer, supply of water/power and other amenities.  The work was completed on papers only.  Why the Government has not started any enquiry into this large scale corruption?

9                    When in the year 2002 the NDA Government led by Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee had made all the preparations for regularizing all the unauthorized colonies then the Congress Government of Delhi had demanded that these colonies should be regularized without demanding any fee.  Now why the Congress Government is making preparations to recover heavy development fee, penalty, price of land etc.?

10               At the time of Assembly elections in 2008 Congress Government had promised to regularize 1639 colonies, but later on it issued provisional certificates to only 1218 colonies.  Now on 5th September, 2012 notification has been issued for regularizing only 895 unauthorized colonies.  Why the Government has made the future of rest 744 colonies uncertain?

The notification for regularizing 895 unauthorized colonies has been issued in haste and without due consideration.  There is great anxiety among 20 lakh people of rest 744 colonies which includes old unauthorized colony namely, Begampur, Begam Vihar, Bharat Vihar, Nanesh Colony, Rajiv Nagar 1, 2 & 3, Qutab Garh Extension, Inder Raj Colony, Naveen Vihar, Deep Vihar, Prahlad Vihar, Gupta Colony, Shiv Vihar etc..  What will be the future of these colonies?  Is the question on the lips of every citizen of these colonies?

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