Wednesday, 12 September 2012

People of Delhi should ensure the defeat of NSUI candidates supported by the Congress responsible for coal block allocation scam, price spiral & increasing number of crimes – Vijender Gupta

The BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that people should ensure defeat of NSUI candidates supported by Congress Party responsible for coal block allocation scam, 2-G spectrum scam, steep hike in the power tariff, increasing number of crimes, price spiral etc. He appealed to all the parents and students of Delhi University that they should resolve to make all the four candidates of ABVP candidates victorious by heavy margin in the DUSU elections to be held on 14th September so that the regime of loot may end and a message may go to the country and Delhi that the downfall of Congress Government has started. 

He told all the parents and students of the University that the way in which Congress Government has made the life of the people of Delhi difficult, no girl student, woman is safe in her house. Delhi is being called haven for the rapists. Every citizen is suffering from price rise, corruption and crimes. Congress Government is responsible for it. It is the first duty of the people to dislodge this Government. The people of Delhi, students should make the ABVP candidates victorious in the DUSU elections and ensure the defeat of all the NSUI candidates supported by Congress. By making steep hike in the water-power tariff, fuelling price rise, the Congress Government of Delhi has forced the people to migrate out of Delhi. Congress Government is playing fraud with 50 lakh people of unauthorized colonies of the capital for the last 14 years. 

Shri Gupta has demanded the Delhi Police Commissioner that large number of youth from Haryana have been called in Delhi to influence the DUSU elections. These persons may pose danger to the peaceful polling. Hence only students with valid identity cards should be allowed to enter any College or University premises. The borders of all the Colleges and the University should be sealed from tomorrow so that anti social elements may not get opportunity to disturb. Delhi Police should strictly check the unruly elements coming from outside and apprehend them for deporting out of Delhi. 

ABVP has declared SarvaShri Ankit Dhanjaye Chaudhary as official candidate for the post of President, A.A. Gaurav Chaudhary for Vice President, Ritu Rana for Secretary and A.A. Vishu Basoya for Joint Secretary. By making all the four names in the panel victorious by heavy margin, a message has to be given to the corrupt and anti people Congress Government that the people of Delhi have now recognized the anti people and looter character of the Congress Party. Hence all the four NSUI candidates shall be defeated and ABVP candidates shall emerge victorious in the DUSU elections. 

The people of Delhi can express their acrimony by making the candidates of ABVP victorious in the DUSU elections. BJP fully supports and cooperates the candidates of ABVP. BJP will provide every possible help within the limits of law & rules to the ABVP candidates to make them victorious in the DUSU election. After the DUSU elections, Delhi Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha elections are to be held in the year 2013 & 2014. The people of the country and Delhi have decided to rout the Congress in these elections. The people have already shown their anger by defeating the candidates of Congress Party in the Municipal Corporation elections. Now is the turn of DUSU elections.

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