Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Resolution adopted in the monthly meeting of BJP Delhi Pradesh

Delhi Govt. must provide all the basic amenities in the unauthorized colonies after regularization

New Delhi, 4th September.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta called upon all the office bearers and workers from all over Delhi attending the monthly meeting of Delhi Pradesh today that they should expose the attempt of Delhi Govt. to mislead 50 lakh residents of unauthorized colonies so that the people may know the reality of this Govt. He also appealed the workers and the people of Delhi to make the candidates of ABVP victorious in the DUSU elections on 14th September. A resolution was also passed unanimously on the unauthorized colonies. The Resolution was moved by former MP Lal Bihari Tiwari. It was seconded by Pradesh Genl. Secy. Pravesh Verma and National Secy. Ms. Vani Tripathi. The resolution is as follows:-

This meeting of BJP Delhi Pradesh categorically announces that the Delhi Govt. is trying to mislead 50 lakh residents of unauthorized colonies in the name of regularization of these colonies. Congress Govt. has been doing such thing on every election. Before the Assembly Election 2008 Chief Minister Shiela Dikshit organized a public meeting in Chhatrasal Stadium on 4th October 2008 and announced about regularizing 1639 unauthorized colonies through Congress President Sonia Gandhi. At that time 1218 unauthorized colonies were given provisional certificates with the promise that these colonies shall be regularized soon. Even after four years of Assembly Elections in 2008 not a single colony has been regularized. Now in view of Assembly Elections in 2013 Sheila Govt. has again announced to regularize 917 unauthorized colonies. BJP believes that in view of its certain defeated the Govt. is trying to regularize colonies in hast and disorderly manner which is a futile exercise.  All the office bearers of BJP make the following demands to the Delhi Govt.

1.                  At the time of changing of land use, Govt. had announced that 50,000 shops in the unauthorized shall also be regularized by changing the land use. Now the Govt. is discriminating against these 50,000 shops because according to the present rules these 50,000 shops shall not be regularized which will be injustice by the Govt.

2.                  About 20 lakh plots are lying vacant in these colonies. Govt. should allow the owners of these plots to construct houses. The incomplete houses in the colonies should be allowed to be completed.

3.                  Govt. should also allow development of basic amenities like parks, religious places, community halls etc. so that the people may use them.

4.                  Govt. should also provide loan through the banks to the properties in the unauthorized colonies so that the people may complete construction works and may purchase/sale land/buildings.

5.                  Permission to change the use of land may also be givens soon.

6.                  The Govt. has not forwarded layout plans of even a single unauthorized colony to any of the three Corporations. All the related files are pending with Delhi Govt. According to the Gazette Notification dated 6th June 2012 the files related to layout plans of the colonies should have been forwarded to the Corporations. Due to this people are apprehensive.

7.                  At the time of elections in 2008 Congress has promised that all the 1639 colonies shall be regularized and 1218 colonies were also issued provisional certificates. Now announcement has been made about regularizing only 917 colonies. 25 lakh people of the rest of 722 colonies have been left behind in the process of regularization. Why such step motherly treatment with these people?

8.                  When the NDA Govt. at centre in the year 2001 to 2002 was going to regularize unauthorized colonies then this Congress party has demanded that these colonies should be regularized without charging development fees. Now when the Congress Govt. is talking about regularization it is also preparing to recover heavy development fee and price of land from the poor people which should be injustice to them. BJP rejects it in completely.

9.                  On 22nd Feb. 2011 the CBI in its report had exposed large scale corruption of thousands of crore in the name of development of unauthorized colonies. BJP demands that criminal cases should be filed against cabinet Ministers, Officers, Contractors and Engineers found guilty in the report of CBI and punishment be given to them. It has been learnt that Home Ministry of the Central Govt., Delhi Govt., CVC and CBI are trying to cover up this case. BJP will not allow it to happen. It will start public movement against this corruption.

10.              Thousands of crore were spent in the name of development of all the unauthorized colonies of Delhi but the construction of roads, drains, sewerage, water supply, power supply it not satisfactory in these colonies. In its monthly meeting BJP demands that these works should be completed on priority basis.

BJP in its monthly meeting unanimously adopts resolution that all the unauthorized colonies should be regularized immediately and all the basic amenities provided in them so that 50 lakh residents of these colonies may lead respectable life after 65 years of independence.   

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