Friday, 21 September 2012

Vijender Gupta writes letter to the Corporations for making the licensing process corruption free


In a letter written to the Chairpersons of Standing Committees of all the three corporations of the capital, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has requested them to simplify the process of trade license for more than 10 lakh traders of Delhi and provide them relief from the corruption in the process and difficulties being faced by them. BJP is fully trying to make Delhi as the first state of the country where the traders may not have to face any difficulties in getting the trade license. 

Shri Gupta told that at present there are more than 10 lakh traders in Delhi who are self employed after getting trade licenses from the Corporation. The present process of licensing is so much complicated, boring and long that it takes years for the traders to get a license. Due to this many traders become victim of corruption and the Municipal Corporation loses the revenue also. The revenue which should have been deposited in the account of the Municipal Corporation is consumed by corruption and the sword of chalaan keeps hanging on the traders. 

Delhi BJP has now decided that the licensing process for the traders be freed from the corruption and complications. It should be made simple and accountable so that the traders of Delhi may do their business freely and peacefully. It will help in the total development of Delhi. The population of Delhi has gone upto 2.10 crores. Here the people get the things of daily need from the retail dealers in every lane and mohalla of their neighbourhood at fair price. The role of traders of Delhi are key to the good living in Delhi. 

Tomorrow the opinion of the traders of east Delhi will be ascertained for making the licensing process simple in the presence of Mayor and Chairman of the Standing Committee of East Delhi Corporation so that the process may be simplified and made transparent. The Mayor Mrs. Annapurna Mishra and Chairman of Standing Committee Choudhary Mehak Singh shall get direct information about the difficulties being faced and the corruption in the licensing process for the traders. This way after listening to both the sides the licensing process will be made very simple, transparent, corruption free and accountable. This way Delhi will become the first state where the traders will not have to face any difficulties in getting license. Such steps shall be taken in the other two Corporations also.

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