Friday, 14 September 2012

Traders of the country should not allow implementation of FDI –Vijender Gupta

Reacting to the decision of Manmohan Singh Government which has permitted FDI in Multi Brand Retail Trade BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that this Government is under the control of foreign companies and added that this decision will ruin ten crore traders of the country. Besides this it will adversely affect about 40 crore people of the country. He has appealed to all the traders and industries organizations that they should strongly oppose this decision of the government together with BJP which will completely ruin the trade of the country and Delhi.

Shri Gupta also said that Manmohan Government is fully aware of the fact that his government will not complete its full term and hence the government is taking anti Indian and anti traders decision one after another to benefit the foreign companies under the pressure of foreign forces. Now the situation of do or die is before the traders of the country. They will have to oppose this decision untedly so that this anti traders government may not be able to implement this decision taken under the pressure of foreign forces which will ruin the trade in this country. If the permission to allow FDI in retail is implemented then it will have far reaching evil consequences. The country will have to face unemployment and the trade in this country will come under the control of foreign companies.

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