Thursday, 27 September 2012

New slabs proposed by Government are anti people

Delhi Govt. should roll back the increased power tariff – Vijender Gupta 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded Delhi Government that it should immediately withdraw increased power tariff of 24% and surcharge of 8% in the interest of the people because all the three power companies are earning profit of thousands of crores. 

Shri Gupta has said that after the angry reaction of the people of Delhi the Government proposed change in the slab of power consumption already implemented by DERC is like adding insult to injury of the people. Government is still taking decisions against the interest of the people. It should take firm steps to roll back the increased tariff and the surcharge. A uniform of power tariff should be decided for all the areas of Delhi. Power tariff should be charged at the old rates of Rs. 2.40 per unit without limit in consumption. 

It may be mentioned that the DERC has authorized the power companies to recover power tariff at the rate of Rs. 3.70 per unit for consumption from 0 to 200 units, Rs. 4.8 per units for consumption from 0 to 400 units and Rs. 6.40 for consumption of more than 400 units. This tariff is being opposed in entire Delhi. BJP demands that this hike should be immediately withdrawn in view of price spiral and the accounts of the three power companies be audited by the CAG so that manipulation in the accounts may be detected. Delhi Government had taken a cabinet decision that the accounts of power companies will be audited by the CAG, but this was not done. 

Delhi Government has now changed its stand and now proposed that a new slab of Rs. 3.70 should be fixed for consumption from 0 to 200 units and in place of Rs. 4.80 per unit for consumption from 201 to 400 units, tariff be charged at the rate of Rs. 5.70 per unit and Rs. 6.40 be charged for consumption of more than 400 units. This way the new proposal is anti people because the Government had proposed for increasing tariff by 90 paise per unit on the slab of Rs. 4.80. The DERC has fixed 8th October, 2012 as the date of hearing on this proposal. On this day the consumers and the companies shall present their case before the DERC.

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