Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Public movements of BJP cannot be stopped by litigations


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that he will continue to fight against corruption, anti-people policies, price rise and steep power tariff hike in the interest of the people. He is ready for any sacrifice for it. Delhi Government cannot demoralise him by entangling him litigations. As the Pradesh President, it is his political, social and legal responsibility to oppose every anti-people step of Government. The BJP's fight against anti people policies of Delhi Government will continue till Delhi Government withdraws its anti people decisions. 

Shri Gupta told that with the connivance of power companies, Delhi Government imposed a heavy burden on the people in the form of power tariff hike. The Government could prevent power tariff hike because all the three companies were earning profit of thousands of crores. This can be confirmed by the audit of the accounts of these companies by CAG. The Power companies had asked for maximum 22 percent increase but the Government allowed 34 percent hike which is injustice to the 2 crore people of Delhi. BJP will continue its fight against it. 

It may be mentioned that the former Chairman of DERC Shri Brijendra Singh had informed Delhi Government on 3rd May, 2010 that all the three power companies have surplus of 3577 crore rupees hence the power companies should cut power tariff by 22 percent but the Chief Minister of Delhi wrote a letter to DERC on 4th May, 2010 stopping the cut in power hike because at that time power department was under the Chief Minister. She did not allow cut in power tariff for 1 year and till the retirement of DERC Chairman Shri Brijendra Singh. After his retirement Shri PD Sudhakar was appointed as the new Chairman of DERC and he immediately increased power tariff by 22 percent. The BJP initiated a strong movement against the decision for power tariff hike by DERC and Delhi Government by uniting and awakening the people of Delhi. This movement was staged in entire Delhi. Public was informed through media that Delhi Government and the power companies have together imposed a big burden on the people of Delhi in the form of power tariff hike. Delhi Government could have prevented the DERC from increasing power tariff. 

After that power companies have hiked power tariff by 70 percent and all the RWAs and the people of Delhi besides BJP have strongly opposed it. In spite of this a burden of 24 percent hike in power tariff was imposed on the people. In addition to it, 8 percent surcharge was also imposed. This way the total hike in power tariff is about 34 percent imposed on the people during this time of price spiral. Power tariff for consumers upto to 200 unit units is different from the tariff applicable to consumers of 400 units. Now, the bills being served on the people are showing increased amount of 100 to 300 percent. The common man is not ready to tolerate such increase in the power tariff because they are not capable of paying so much. Shri Gupta has demanded Delhi Government and DERC that it should immediately withdraw the present tariff so that the people's right to life may not be in danger.

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