Tuesday, 11 September 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has sternly warned Central Home Minister, Delhi Government and JNU Administration that if beef is served by a group of anti national students in the premises of JNU on 28th September then the consequences will be serious. The Government and the University shall be fully responsible for it. 

It may be mentioned that a group of Maoists and anti national forces have decided to serve beef and pork on the 28th September, 2012 in the premises of JNU. An organisation named “JNU Foremention Committee for Beef and Pork Festival” has organized a grand party in JNU for this purpose. The members of this organization are connected with Maoists. 

These people want to disturb law and order in Delhi thorough this festival. Their objective is to provoke riot and create disturbing conditions like Assam so that the conspiracy of anti Indian forces to create disorder in the capital succeeds. It is necessary to mention here that in the last session of Lok Sabha, State Home Minister Jitender Singh had replied to a question in Rajya Sabha that out of nine districts in NTC Delhi, seven districts are affected by Maoists. 

Shri Gupta further told that in a confidential report of the Army Intelligence Bureau it is clearly warned that ISI, Anti Indian Terrorists Organization of Bangladesh, Maoists of Nepal and the active Maoists Organization in India have jointly decided to capture power at Centre by 2050. In order to make their plan successful, these people are taking the help of Higher Educational Institutions of India. 

The objectives of these dangerous organizations are to divide India in two parts. Under these plans they have expanded their organization in many provinces. Now they are planning to do something sensational in the capital of India, Delhi so that the entire world may be attracted towards them. One of their organizations is trying to brain wash the students by getting into their unions. 

In the name of Right to Eat, this organization of JNU is going to serve beef and pork in the premises of JNU on 28th September. There is great acrimony in the JNU, all the educational institutions and Hindu-Muslim religious organizations. If these people succeed in their plan then peace will be disturbed in Delhi.

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