Friday, 14 September 2012

Delhi BJP will stage big demonstration at Jantar Mantar tomorrow demanding withdrawal of steep hike in the price of cooking gas, diesel oil

BJP will stage a big demonstration at Jantar Mantar tomorrow the 15th September demanding withdrawal of steep hike in the price of diesel & cooking gas used in every household. This information was given by BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta. 

He told that on the one hand the Government has made the life of the people difficult due to price rise, corruption and taxes and on the other hand despotic Congress Government has been continuously increasing the prices of diesel, petrol, cooking gas, food grains, milk, sugar, fruits, vegetables, pulses etc. The way in which the price of diesel has been increased by Rs. 5/- per liter and the price of cooking gas by Rs. 347 per cylinder w.e.f. the mid-night of 13th September, the back of common man has broken. 

BJP Pradesh President told that Delhi Government is claiming to make Delhi kerosene free capital. On this pretext it has abolished the quota of kerosene for Delhi. Now a common man will have to pay 200 rupees more for a cylinder of cooking gas every month. This way the poor families will have to bear additional burden of Rs. 2400/- per year. Kerosene was the fuel of the poor people. One family consumed kerosene of Rs. 150 in the whole month. How that family will arrange for Rs. 6000 for cooking gas in a year? 

Expressing her reaction to this steep hike, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has said that ‘the increase in the prices of diesel & cooking gas is justified. We should not forget that we are living in 21st century’. Shri Gupta has raised a question to the Chief Minister that does living in 21st century means that the Government may remain busy in loot and the people may not have right to live. The price of high speed diesel has been increased by Rs. 19.50 per liter. 

The argument of the Government behind this price hike is that the price of crude oil has increased in the international market and hence this hike was necessary. Terming this argument as completely false, Shri Gupta has said that the Government had reduced subsidy of Rs. 25000 crores on oil & gas in the general budget 2012-13. This hike is due to that cut in subsidy. The price of oil & gas is stable in the world market. Government has also indicated that now the oil companies may be free to increase the price of petrol and diesel every month. The Government is also going to end subsidy on cooking gas from the next budget. At that time a gas cylinder will be sold at Rs. 900 in the open market. 

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