Saturday, 31 December 2011

Inauguration of water drainage system of 6 crore rupees in Chhawala Village


Addressing thousands of villagers in a big public meeting after inaugurating drainage system of 6 crore rupees in Chhawala Village under Matiyala Assembly Constituency, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that by increasing the water supply charges, anti-people Delhi Government has given indications to the people of Delhi on the eve of New Year that its agenda include economic burden on the people and filling the Government treasury. Raising both hands, the people present in the public meeting opposed the agenda of Government to increase water, power and sewerage charges and raised slogans against Delhi Government. Strongly objecting to the increase in water charges, Pradesh President warned the Government that it should desist from anti people decisions otherwise the BJP alongwith the people will start movement against the Government. 

He told that BJP is committed to provide basic amenities to the people of Delhi but the Congress Government is making the life of the people of Delhi difficult by imposing economic burdens one after another. On this occasion senior leader of the party Sanjay Joshi, Mayor Rajni Abbi were also present. The people of Chhawala Village had been facing the problem of water drainage since years. With the completion of this work, the environment of the entire village will improve and people of the village will get relief from filth.

On the eve of New Year, Delhi Government has increased the water charges by 10 percent besides increasing the prices of CNG and Petrol. The power bills to be served in the month of January to the consumers will include fuel surcharge and hence the people will have to pay 1 rupee extra for each unit consumed. With effect from the midnight of 31st December, Government has also hiked the price CNG by Rs. 1.75 per kg. Due to this, the price of CNG has increased to Rs. 33.75 per kg. This increase will also affect public transport.

Shri Gupta further told that Delhi Government has failed to provide basic amenities to the 2 crores citizens of Delhi and the Government put heavy economic burden on the people by privatizing power and water now it is trying to supply power at 10 times higher rate by privatizing water. The Government is gradually privatizing the work of water supply so that the people may not feel shocked. The water bills being served in Delhi are being prepared in an arbitrary way because this work has been given to a private company. The company is serving 10 times higher bills than the actual consumption. If one complaints, nobody listens.

The people of Delhi are already suffering from corruption and price spiral. Delhi Government has hiked the charges of Metro parking, increased circle rates, registration fees, service tax, VAT, sewerage charge etc. The people are already feeling additional economic burden due to increase in the school fees. In place of curbing price rise, the Government is continuously increasing prices of CNG, cooking gas, kerosene, petrol, water and power charge etc. and showing its insensitive and profiteer like character. Shri Gupta told that the people of Delhi will certainly take revenge from the Congress in the forthcoming MCD elections, Assembly elections and Lok Sabha elections. Government will have to pay for its misleads. The area councilor Rajpal Shokeen thanked the people in the public meeting and told that we will continue to work for providing basic amenities to the people. 

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