Saturday, 9 March 2013

Vision Document ‘Save Yamuna, Save Delhi’ released


New Delhi, 9th March, 2013. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel issued a Vision Document in a Press Conference today indicating the vision of BJP to save Yamuna from its present plight under the caption “Save Yamuna, Save Delhi”. On this occasion Shri Goel told that the Central and Delhi Congress Governments have wasted 3500 crore rupees in the name of saving Yamuna but the condition of Yamuna remains unchanged. Congress Governments are directly responsible for it. 

He said that Yamuna flows in about 48 kilometers in Delhi. Out of this, 28 kms of Yamuna looks like a completely dead river. In this part of the river there is no flow of water. The river in which water stops flowing is not considered to be a river. Nine points action plan has been suggested in the vision document to save Yamuna which is the symbol of Indian culture, faith and source of life. This plan includes release of sufficient water from Hathini Kund Barrage, implementations of the directions given by high power Committee formed by Supreme Court, complete solution of the sewerage system of Delhi, installing fully efficient Sewage Treatment Plants, rain water harvesting and conservation of ground water, preventing garbage being thrown in Yamuna, dual Water Distribution System in Delhi, announcement of Yamuna river bed as fully protected area and public awareness and public participation in it. 

Goel said that there is two kilometers of Khadar area on both the sides of Yamuna River. It is the responsibility of the Government to protect the farmers, fishermen, villagers dependent on the river. It may be mentioned that Yamuna passes through 7 states and covers distance of 1376 kms and merges with the river Ganga and Saraswati at Allahbad Sangam. Untreated sewage is released in Yamuna at 22 places while passing through Delhi. 18 drains also fall in it. According to Pollution Control Board untreated sewage of 45 percent population of Delhi falls in Yamuna in Delhi. Out of it, the largest pollutant is Najafgarh Drain from which 61 percents sewage false in Yamuna directly. 668 MGD sewage falls in Yamuna but the Government has capacity only to treat partially 554 MGD of sewage. Only 330 MGD of sewage is fully treated, rest of 338 MGD sewage falls in Yamuna. If this continues then Yamuna will be dead in 10 years time. 

He further said that the time on which Yamuna Mukti Yatra, started from Mathura on first March will enter the border of Delhi, thousands of BJP workers and Vijay Goel shall welcome it. BJP will accord grand welcome to the Yatra at Jantar Mantar on 11th March. He has called upon all the people of Delhi that they should come in large numbers to save Yamuna which is the lifeline of Delhi otherwise they shall have to repent. He has also demanded Congress Governments of Haryana and Delhi that they should ensure release 20 percent more water from Haryana so that the flow of the Yamuna may be restored. The Government should answer why the condition of Yamuna has worsened even after spending 3500 crore rupees? Where has all this money gone? 

Vijay Goel, former Pradesh President Mangeram Garg, Om Prakash Kohli, Chetan Chauhan, Jagdish Mukhi issued the Vision Document. On this occasion legislators Ramesh Bidhuri, Mohan Singh Bisht, Ravindra Bansal, Subhash Sachdeva, Sat Prakash Rana, Dr. SCL Gupta, Srikrishna Tyagi, Anil Jha and senior leaders and workers of the party were present on this occasion.

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