Friday, 8 March 2013

  • CM Sheila Dikshit had demanded parole for two rape convicts – Vijay Goel 
  • Women organizations show black flags to Sheila Dikshit on Womens Day. 
  • Sheila Dixit Totally exposed for her doubled standard – Shikha Rai 

New Delhi: 8 March 2013. President of Delhi BJP today handed over the documents to media in which CM of Delhi Sheila Dikshit had advocated for granting parole to rape convicts. Goel said that he received the documents four days back but was unable to believe that Sheila Dikshit herself being a woman can do such a deed like asking for parole. 

In one incident Dulichand son of Kalicharan was booked under IPC 376/365/366 and was given life imprisonment sentence as he had committed rape of his land lord’s daughter. Seeing this heinous crime the district level police had taken a stand against granting of parole but CM Sheila Dikshit ignoring the stand of police advocated the parole. 

In the second case Harpreet Singh son of Amrik Singh was also given life imprisonment under sections 394/376 of IPC. In this case too going against the Police advice Sheila Dikshit had asked for parole to the convict. This person had abducted the woman and after robbing and beating her had raped her too. 

Both of them were in Tihar Jail. Goel said that on one hand CM says that she wants the city to be safe for women and blames Police for all the mishaps & on the other hand she goes against the recommendations of Police and wants the parole for such heinous crimes, it was good that the LG had turned down both the requests. Heights of intolerance are reached when she gets parole for Manu Sharma who is under life imprisonment sentence in the Jessica Lal murder case. 

Goel said that two sides of the same CM can be seen where on one hand she inaugurates measures for women empowerment on International Women’s day and on other hand on the contrary she wants to set rape victims free. 

After the Damini case in the capital city 48 rape cases have been registered and nearly every two hours one such incident takes place including molestation. 

Goel demanded that no leniency should be seeked or granting to such rape convicts under such cases. Cases should be heard in front of the magistrate only and statements should be recorded infront of him so that women are not insulted repeatedly calling to police of court rooms. Time frames should be set up for speeding such cases. 

Activists from BJP and many more such women organizations showed black flags to CM Sheila Dikshit who had come to address people on womens day. This was led by Mahila Morcha President of Delhi state BJP Shikha Rai. Shikha Rai said that CM Sheila Dikshit is totally exposed for her double standards. No concrete step has been taken by her and that hypocrisy is at its pinnacle along with the arrogance of Sheila Dikshit.

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