Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Why Chief Minister’s Daughter feels unsafe


New Delhi, 13th March, 2013. Expressing his strong reaction to the speech of the Lt. Governor in Delhi Legislative Assembly today, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel said that the Lt. Governor has presented data showing profit of thirty thousand crore rupees by the Government on account of privatization of power. If the Government is earning profit then why the power tariff has been increased four times? The people are being served two to three times hefty power bills whereas the companies and the Government claims that power theft has been curbed to a great extent. 

The speech of the Lt. Governor is the reflection of the working of the Government. He has said that Delhi Government is a caring Government. If this is true then why Chief Minister’s daughter feels unsafe in Delhi? Why senior citizens, women, children of the capital feel unsafe in their houses. It has been said in the speech that the entire world is suffering from inflation but in Delhi inflation is under control. The truth is that even after fifteen years in power, the Congress Government has not been able to provide sufficient water, power, cheap food grains and fuel, fruits, vegetables etc. at fair price. 

Delhi Jal Board has increased water supply charges by about 10 times. In spite of this people are not getting clean and safe water. 40 percent of the people of Delhi depend upon private sources to get water supply. There are no proper facilities of transport in the rural areas of Delhi. On an average, seven persons become victim of accidents on the roads of the capital everyday and they meet untimely death or become handicapped forever. In Delhi four children are kidnapped every day. Media survey shows that 94 percent of women feel unsafe in Delhi. 

If Delhi is world class city then why there is no arrangements for education, health and other basic amenities. Government hospitals have become butcher houses. Data show that during the last 5 years 8 thousand children met untimely death in Government hospitals Safdarjung and Kalawati Sharan. Why 6 patients in Sushrut Trauma Centre died due to stoppage of oxygen supply some months ago? In spite of this the same oxygen supply company continues to get the contract for supplying oxygen in five Government Hospitals. 

Shri Goel futher said that the Lokayukta Justice Manmohan Sareen has made serious comments against the Speaker of Delhi Legislative Assembly Yoganand Shashtri. Government should take it seriously and take necessary legal measures so that the trust of the people may continue in the legal system.

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