Monday, 25 March 2013

If Schools are closed due to plot size then as a protest children shall hold prayer meeting in Ramlila Maidan.

  • Quality of education should be criteria of recognition, not the size of the plot
  • There is Right to Education but on the other hand end of road for four and half lakh children.

New Delhi, 25th March.  Delhi BJP Pradesh President Vijay Goel has strongly criticized Delhi Government for creating atmosphere of uncertainty in the case of 2235 unrecognized public schools under Right to Education Act, 2009.

Shri Goel said that as a result of closure of 2235 schools, four and a half lakh children shall be deprived of education. Before implementing any provision, the Government will have to see what alternative arrangement for education of the children has been made by it.

Speaking in the Dharna by the Delhi State Public School Management Association today Shri Goel said that Delhi Government wants to close them because these schools do not have 800 meters plots as provided in the law.  When the school management threatened to initiate movement under the leadership of Goel, then the Government awakened and it is now talking about 200 metres in place of 800 metres. Why the provision for 800 metres was made earlier and why the provision for of 200 metres is being made overnight?

Goel said that the benchmark of recognition of schools should not be the measurement of the plots rather it should be the quality of education. When Delhi administration and MCD both have failed to ensure quality education system, parents across city were forced to make beeline to expensive public schools. Government should take the onus and initiative to streamline the education system first rather than taking such steps to finish the existing education facilities.
 Shri Goel further told that if the recognition of any school is cancelled on the basis of size of plots then as a protest a prayer meeting of four and a half lakh children will be held in Ramlila Maidan because we cannot see the children being deprived of education.

On the one hand the Government talks about right to education and on the other hand it is putting the future of four and a half lakh children in dark under the provisions of Right to Education Act.

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