Thursday, 21 March 2013

• Demonstration will be staged again on the 23rd March if the delegation of BJP and RWA is not given appointment by the Chairman of DERC on 22nd March

·         Strong Demonstration by BJP workers and RWA at DERC.
·         Delhi Government and the Police is suppressing the agitation of the people.

New Delhi, 21st March, 2013.  If power tariff continues to be increased then the movement against it will also continue. BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel has warned the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit that she should stop the hike in power tariff otherwise she will have to face acrimony of the people of Delhi.

BJP staged a strong demonstration at DERC Head Office in which thousands of BJP workers, RWAs, NGOs and people of all the sections participated. Shri Goel said that the Chairman of DERC did not think it necessary to give appointment to our delegation during the last 3 days because he had no answer to the 10 questions raised to him for which we had given him four days.

Shri Goel said that he had himself met the Police Commissioner regarding Dharna against the increased power tariff but first of all he allowed it and later on he refused. If the Delhi Government, DERC shall not listen to him and the police will not allow demonstration then how and where the people shall express their acrimony.

The Government should tell how the power tariff was increased by 59 percent during the last 24 months whereas in Gujarat it was increased only by 6 percent. Why the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is silent on this issue whereas the Delhi Government has about 49% share in these companies.

Lt. Governor says that after the income of 30,000  crore rupees, the power companies have earned profit then why power tariff is not being decreased. Why did not the Commission ask the power companies that from where and how much amount they are spending on purchasing power. The DERC has no knowledge about the movable and immovable properties of the companies, then how it is fixing the power tariff? Why the Central Electricity Act, National Tariff Policy are being violated? According to Central Electricity Act, power tariff cannot be increased more than once in a year then why power tariff is being increased many times in a year? DERC has not informed the people till date that what short coming they have found in the ARR of the companies and what action was taken so that the people may give their feedback.

Shri Goel announced in the demonstration today that if the DERC Chairman does not give appointment to the joint delegation of BJP and RWA on 22nd March then Dharna will be staged again on 23rd March. Tomorrow on the 22nd March, Shri Vijay Goel will address a big rally of thousands of people at Akshardham Temple, Yamuna Khadar. 

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