Wednesday, 20 March 2013

  • Budget speech of the Chief Minister indicates that she has no interest left in Delhi
  • There is lack of advance thinking in the budget
  • Old projects have been repeated in the Budget
  • 80% of Delhi has no basic amenities yet Delhi is international city

New Delhi, 20th March, 2013.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has said that the Budget speech of the Chief Minister indicates that she has no interest left in Delhi. There is lack of advance thinking in the Budget. Old projects have been repeated in the Budget such as Burari hospital. Why there is account of 15 years in the annual Budget?

Only 20% of total Delhi is like international city. Even this area belongs to NDMC. There is great scarcity of basic amenities like power, water, sewer, transport, education, health. Why the daughter of Chief Minister feels unsafe?  The Budget speech is full of misleading and false data.

No new tax has been imposed. But the Government has already increased water, power, sewer, charges, court fee, circle rate, registry fee etc. Cash subsidy to 2 lakh families below poverty line was promised, but provided to 45 thousand only.

Claim has been made for increasing water supply. But supply could not be increased although the charges increased many times. Group Housing Societies have been served water bills demanding arrears of lakhs of rupees. The RWAs have staged demonstration against it. BJP will call a conference on this issue.

It has been claimed that the per-capita income has increased five times during the last 15 years. In the mean time prices have increased 40 times. The pollution level in Delhi has also increased by 17%. The Government which claims that Delhi is free from load shedding, resorts to load shedding every day. Bawana power plant is reducing 400 MW power only although promised made for 1500 MW.

Promise of cheap houses to the poor is repetition of old data. Two lakh poor people were promised cooking gas connection but only 35 thousand were given cooking gas connection. Registry of sale purchase has not been started in unauthorized colonies. New construction works are not being carried out.

If foreign retail shops are opened then 5 lakh traders will be rendered unemployed. The poor people are now spending 1500 rupees on fuel in the kerosene free capital. Previously they used to cook their food with kerosene of Rs. 150 only.

It has been claimed that Budget allocation on Health has been increased by 30% but there is scarcity of Doctors, beds and medicines in hospitals. There is danger of 5 lakh children being deprived of education from 1st April, 2013.

Why the Government which talks about development, is silent on corruption, price rise. Preparations are being made to hike power tariff once again. The Chairman of DERC is avoiding to meet BJP leaders. Tomorrow BJP will stage demonstration & gherao the DERC.

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