Thursday, 28 March 2013

Vijay Goel will soon visit dying water bodies of Delhi

  • Delhi government should issue white paper on the condition of drinking water
  • Dying water bodies of Delhi shall make the problem of drinking water more serious

New Delhi, 28th March.  After looking at the pathetic condition of Sanjay Jheel in Trans Yamuna area BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel announced today that a delegation under his leadership will soon visit the drying water bodies of Delhi.  He also demanded the government to issue white paper on this serious issue.

Shri Goel has warned that if Delhi government does not take its own report seriously then the problem of drinking water will be come alarming.  In a report recently issued it has been stated that about 263 water bodies in South, South-West and North Delhi areas have completely dried up.  This was also the main reason of scarcity of water on Holi.  It has also been stated that there is illegal encroachment on the rest of water bodies and their water is not worth drinking.

BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel further said that according to this report there are 1022 water bodies in the jurisdiction of various government agencies.  Government claims that so far 219 water bodies have been saved by the government.  Shri Goel has raised a question that why the rest 800 water bodies are like sewer even after spending crores in this regard.  The government has admitted that about 75 water bodies have become sewer, about 150 have become victim of encroachment.  Besides this illegal construction has taken place on 800 water bodies.

He has reminded that last year National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) issued a report in which it was mentioned that in the samples of ground water in South Delhi, South-West Delhi and Central North Delhi, the quantity of fluoride and nitrate was more than the prescribed limit.  Due to this there was danger of digestive and bone diseases among the people drinking water from bore well in these areas.  NEERI had also found that there is dangerous quantity of lead in the ground water near Najafgarh drain and the ground water in East Delhi was not worth drinking.  Shri Goel has asked the Delhi government that why it is so much negligent on such important issue like drinking water.

Shri Goel has raised a question to Delhi government that why the condition in Delhi is so pathetic in spite of so called projects of the government?  Why pollution in the canal connecting Dhansa Bundh to Ghummanhera is increasing day by day?  The ground water of the neighboring area is also being polluted.  Shri Goel said that due to negligence of government the water body Neel Hauz has dried up.  Some years ago this was full of water.   Dumping of garbage in this water body has finished the existence of Neel Hauz.  
Shri Goel has also attracted the attention toward the judgment of Green Tribunal and said that the Yamuna river has turned into dirty drain and the water bodies are drying.  It shows that there is lack of good intention on the part of Delhi government and it has no policy on water.  He also said that the Congress leaders are looting the poor people in unauthorized colonies by exploiting ground water with the help of water mafia.  The lax attitude of Delhi government toward the water bodies is to benefits these people, he alleged.

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