Monday, 11 March 2013

Vijay Goel meets Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar.

The words used in the statement of Raj Kumar Chauhan and Sandeep Dikshit are insulting to women. 

New Delhi, 11th March, 2013. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has termed the statement of Rajkumar Chauhan and Sandeep Dikshit as the insult to women in which they have said that the Congress and their leaders “Choodiyan Nahi Pehan Rakhi”. By using the word ‘Choodiyan’ they think that the women are the weaker section at that time when the women are being empowered. 

On the issue altercation between Congress and BJP in Shakarpur, Shri Goel clarified that wherever black flags are being shown to the Congress Government, they are being shown by the people because the people are very much agitated on the issues of power, water, price rise and security of women. In view of the forthcoming elections, the Congress leader and Ministers are laying the foundation stones of projects in place of inaugurating completed projects. The program of laying foundation stone near the house of Leader of MCD House B.B. Tyagi in Shakarpur was deliberate and it was not needed at all. When the people waved black flags to the Congressmen then the Congress workers started abusing them and only after that B.B. Tyagi and Asha Singh came there. The footage of TV Channel shows that first of all the Congressmen started pushing the people and raising the chairs. 

Shri Goel raised objections to the facts that the Congress Ministers and MPs are threatening the Officers in Police Stations and forcing them to lodge FIR and pressurizing to arrest them. Previously the Chief Minister has stated that only Delhi police is responsible for the security of women and now she wants to serve her purpose by creating fear psychosis in them. 

Shri Goel told that many BJP leaders who were attacked have sustained injuries, were also examined in the hospitals. But FIR by them is not being registered at the PS because the Congress leaders are exercising pressure against them. 

Shri Goel further told that he met the Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar and talked to him about the security of the people specially women, incident of Shakurpur and requested him to take steps to lodge FIR against the Congressmen. 

Shri Goel has raised a question that the Congress has started a wave of laying foundation stones and inaugurations just six month before the elections. They very well know that the result of the works done in haste will be the same as of the Commonwealth Games in which the projects could not serve the purpose and roads broke down.

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