Tuesday, 5 March 2013


·      The day on which power tariff will be hiked, announcement will be made for rally in Ramlila Maidan.
·      When BJP will come to power, electricity bills will be reduced by 30 percent.
·      Special attention to unauthorized colonies, J.J. colonies, slums and villages.
·      Sheila has turned Delhi into a slum, not Paris.

New Delhi, 5th March, 2013.  In his first Press Conference, newly appointed President of BJP Delhi Vijay Goel has assured the people of Delhi that he has solution to all the problems of Delhi and for working in the interest of the people. Goel said that he will pay more attention to 40 lakh people living in unauthorized colonies, 30 lakh people in J.J. colonies, 10 lakh people in slums and 5 to 10 lakh people living in villages where development has not taken place. He will present a report on these subjects within a month and form various committees in these regard.  

Goel has promised that he will constitute communities to look into the problems being faced by these underdeveloped areas. On the basis of these reports in one month we will present the schemes for solving those problems before the people. Our role is not only criticizing the Government but we want to present alternative model.

Every day in media we hear about the possibility of further increase in power tariff. Goel said that the day on which power tariff will be hiked; he will announce the date of “Bijli Andolan Rally” in Ramlila Maidan because the discoms and the Delhi Government have put excessive burden on the people of Delhi. The day on which BJP will come to power in Delhi, power tariff will be decreased by 30 percent.  

“We want Delhi to progress in the same way that BJP ruled states like Gujarat, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh have progressed. In Gujarat, electricity rates have not been raised for 12 years, still the electricity companies still make profit!” said Vijay Goel. “So why do the tariffs have to go up in Delhi?”

Giving an example of his alternative model report Goel said that many problems have arisen due to multiplicity of agencies in Delhi. We shall end this system. Elaborating it, he said that there are 11 Police Districts in Delhi, 12 zones of MCD, 11 Distt. (Revenue) of Delhi Government and 7 Loksabha seats. We shall make 14 equal divisions of all the bodies in Delhi so that two divisions fall under each 7 Loksabha seat. It will help the general public

Delhi about which Sheila Dikshit claims to be like Paris is 20 percent only.  80 percent of Delhi is in the slums where Sheila Dikshit has never gone. In these areas even the most basic of facilities are not available, what to talk of Paris.

“The Sheila Dikshit government claims that they are supplying 226 litres of water per person. But the ground reality is that more than half of the capital is thirsty,” said Vijay Goel.

She is not aware of the fact that how much fraud she is doing with the people of Delhi.  Forged provisional certificates were distributed to the unauthorized colonies but not a single colony has been regularized till now.  Roads have not been constructed inside the villages. Now, the roads being constructed in haste at the cost of 400 crore rupees shall meet the same fate as happened during the Commonwealth Games. She wants to secure the votes of the people by false promising Mono Rail, distributing Gas Cylinders, providing 600 rupees of ration, allotting flats under Rajiv Ratna Aawas Yojna and many more promises. Incidents of rape are happening in Delhi frequently. By taking out two Tempos in the name of “Aawaz” the Chief Minister wants to say that women shall become safe in Delhi. Why she is doing all these things?  She is making false announcements to grab power for the fourth time. This is not fair.

Although she may not be technically violating but she is actually violating the Model Code of Conduct of Election Commission by making announcements and false promises before the elections.
“The BJP does not believe in making false promises. I believe in talking directly with the people. I am determined to bring improvement to the lives of the people of this city by good governance,” said Vijay Goel.   

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