Saturday, 23 March 2013

Vijay Goel briefs about the talk with DERC which continued for two hours.

· Power tariff is being increased at the instance of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. 

· Strong Demonstration by Yuva Morcha at the residence of Chief Minister, Goel arrested. 

· Goel challenges Sheila Diskhit to debate over power issue. 

New Delhi, 23rd March, 2013. After two hours discussion with the Chairman and Members of DERC, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has revealed that one of the members of DERC J.P. Singh has admitted that he was the Director of all the three power companies and the DERC has also admitted that they appointed persons as consultants of DERC who were also the consultant with supply companies. It clearly proves that the Sheila Dikshit Government, who is also 50% share holder in the companies, is hand in glove with DERC and power companies. Hence under the leadership of Shri Vijay Goel, more than 2000 workers of BJP Yuva Morcha continued the power movement for the 3rd day and gheraoed the residence of Sheila Dikshit. 

Shri Goel said that if the Government will loot the people then to whom the people shall request for relief. “I had advised the members of the DERC that they have retired and it is beyond their capacity to control the power companies, hence they should resign.” 

The police arrested Shri Goel and Yuva Morcha President Nakul Bhardwaj alongwith hundreds of workers and sent them to Tughlak Road Police Station. Goel is of the view that when Delhi Government is 50% share holder in the power companies then how power tariff is being increased? After discussion with Chairman and Members of DERC which continued for two hours, Goel is of the view that Sheila Government, DERC and power companies are hand in glove and for which the Chief Minister is responsible. Due to this the residence of Chief Minister was gheraoed. Power tariff can be decreased by 30 percent even today if Delhi Government wants to do so. When BJP will come to power it will reduce power tariff by 30 percent. Shri Goel said that he will make more revelation about the discussion held with him. 

Shri Goel has directly challenged the Chief Minister that she can debate with him at any platform and any channel on the power issue and we shall prove that power tariff is being increased with their connivance. 

Shri Goel said that his movement will spread in every village and every park.

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